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Moisture measurement of biomass

Examples: moisture measurement of wood chips in free fall; of sawdust mounted in a screw conveyor
Biomass - this umbrella term mainly coveres organic and biogenic but non-fossil material that successfully can be used for extracting energy. Mainly this material finds its field of application in biomass heating systems. You can differentiate between, inter alia sawdust, wood chips, wood pellets, straw and so on. Based on the material, on its shape and on the production and funding process different measuring locations have to be evaluated against each other. Especially in the wood pellet branch of Germany, Austria and Switzerland moisture measuring systems made by ACO have become indispensable for the real time determination of the moisture content. Even tricky applications could be managed successfully by using the broad variety of ACO’s homemade integration kits. Frequently requested: * Wood pellets * Wood chips * Sawdust Feasible measuring positions: * Chute * Free fall * Bypass * Drag chain conveyor * Screw conveyor
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