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CenTrax belt trackers with unique swivel bearing

The perfectly sealed swivel bearing, wear-resistant diamond profiled rollers and a sophisticated design make that the CenTrax belt alignment system remains operational under all conditions.
CenTrax Operating principle See the video for a graphic display of mounting options and working principle. As soon as the conveyor belt starts to mistrack, the two tapered rollers on the sides will show a difference in the rotation speed. When this happens, the CenTrax belt tracker immediately engage and guides the conveyor belt back to its correct position. Unique swivel bearing The heart of any tracking system is the pivot. A common problem is that dirt, dust and moisture is blocking the pivot, which makes the belt tracker stops working. With our expertise, based on 60 years of experience, we have developed a pivot point – which we call a swivel bearing – that is insensitive to the influences of dirt, dust and moisture. Low in maintenance The swivel bearing is oil bath lubricated and completely maintenance free. Due to wear-resistant diamond profiled rollers and a sophisticated design that prevents build-up of dirt, CenTrax remains operational under all conditions. Therefore, the belt trackers are low in maintenance costs. Quick assembly The flexible and adjustable frame is easy and quick to assemble. CenTrax is suitable for reversible conveyors belts and in combination with rollers lined with ATEX compliant rubber, CenTrax belt trackers can also be used in explosive hazard areas.
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