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Keep up to date in the Solids industry. Here you find current events, sorted on date, starting with nearby events. For convenience we have distinguished three groups. You can scan through all the events, or unselect groups to show a shorter list.
Are you looking to develop yourself without leaving your desk? This group contains all online events: webinars, online seminars, online courses in the field of Solids industry. To find alternative dates, click the event for details.
This group gives an overview of trade shows, fairs and other general events aimed at larger audiences. Here you find congresses, seminars, talks, open days in the Solids industry. Click an event for details, there you can also see companies that have indicated to be present.
Do you want to get more knowledge on certain topics in the Solids industry? Check this group. If a certain course is organized on several dates or locations, this will be shown in the details (click the box below).
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List of events

Course Measurement of the Behavioural Properties of Powders
Overview: This course is designed to give delegates an overview of various methods for determining the bulk behaviour of powder and granular particulates. Subjects covered include a selection of: * Particle size measurement techniques * Particle Density (solid and bulk) * Flow property measurements * Moisture uptake * Degradation/friability of bulk through handling systems * Pneumatic conveying properties * Dustiness testing Course fee: £450 per person
25.01.2022 | Course | 2 days | on-line | Entry: paid
Short Course Caking and Lump Formation in Powders and Bulk Solids
An on-line course covering the causes of lump formation and hardening of powders and bulk materials in storage, and the techniques used to predict and solve these problems. It is designed for engineers, plant managers, skilled operatives, maintenance and equipment manufacturers handling powders and bulk materials. Course fees are £450 per delegate. The course will be split into 2 sessions, starting at 14:00 UK time. This course is also available as an In-Company course. The course will be delivered in English.
01.02.2022 | Short Course | 2 days | on-line | Entry: paid
Course Undesired Deblending and separation in processes and equipment
Overview: This course looks at the causes and effects of de-blending (segregation) of bulk particulates Subjects covered: * Identification of the most commonly encountered segregation mechanisms * Examples of how segregation has occurred in plant * Techniques that can be applied in plant design to minimise these effects Different types of segregation will also be identified; air-induced, rolling, surface effect, percolation. Course fees: £450 per person
08.02.2022 | Course | 2 days | on-line | Entry: paid
On line Short Course Biomass Operations and Handling Technology
Delegates will learn the basics of: Biomass macro-economics, subsidies and potential; Material types, flow properties and handling equipment requirements; Self-heating, fire, explosion and safety; Dust and degradation, pneumatic conveying and wear. Case studies are used to illustrate the presentations where applicable, and substantial discussion periods are included to permit the analysis of specific problems experienced by attendees. Is this for me? Engineers, maintenance personnel, managers and procurement executives with responsibility for obtaining and operating equipment for handling of biomass either alone or mixed with coal, in solid-fuel-fired power stations. Manufacturers of said equipment could also benefit by attending. The course is held over 5 x 3 hour sessions. All sessions need to be attended to complete the course. Held in association with ABTO, members will receive discounted rates.
21.02.2022 | On line Short Course | 5 days | on line delivery | Entry: paid
Course Commissioning and Troubleshooting Pneumatic Conveying System
Overview: Delegates will look at the setting up and commissioning of pneumatic conveying systems. This course is a ’Hands on’ fully practical session using the pneumatic conveying lines and rotary valves in the on-site laboratories in Chatham. Subjects covered: * The practical challenge of starting up systems on site and making sure they work as the designer intended; * Understand the key signals to look out for that tell you how the system is operating; * Avoiding pitfalls that can lead to slow start up, blockages etc; * How to know when the system is operating as intended; * Ensuring the system is optimised around the users priority requirements eg. minimum energy usage/ particle blockage / system wear; * It also covers lean and dense phase, rotary valves, blow tanks and various air supply types Course fee: £825 per delegate Venue: Chatham, Kent Contact: Caroline Chapman
02.03.2022 | Course | 2 days | Chatham, UK | Entry: paid
Trade show Cfia 2022
Exhibition for food processing With a wealth of know-how acquired over the years, CFIA Rennes is the essential annual meeting for all companies in the food-processing sector and is held at the heart of the top European food-processing region. It is the ideal networking hub for all suppliers in the food-processing sector.
08.03.2022 | Trade show | 3 days | Rennes | Entry: Free (after registration)
Trade show IDMA and Victam EMEA
Parantez International Fair and Victam International, the organizers of events for the grain and feed milling sectors, combined their success and expertise for IDMA Exhibition. Two companies set out to organize the biggest international event of the sector will organize the 9th International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur Milling Machinery and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition together on 18-20 March 2021 under the name IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA. Turkey-based Parantez International Fair, known for the successful international grain and feed milling exhibitions it has organized, and Netherlands-based Victam International B.V. joined forces for IDMA – International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur Milling Machines and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition held in Istanbul every two years. IDMA Exhibition which will be held in Istanbul for the 9th time on 18-20 March 2021 will be organized under the name IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA in the forthcoming process with the expertise of the two giant companies. Strong platform for grain, feed and pulses industries The two companies which set out with the motto “International event of the grain and feed milling industry” aim to create a significant added value with this cooperation by bringing together all the components of the grain, feed and pulses sectors on a stronger and more extensive platform under the roof of IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA. Parantez & Victam cooperation will provide both exhibitors and visitors with great convenience and significant advantages in marketing, sales, and operational activities. It will also contribute to the faster growth of companies in international markets. Most powerfull and largest event Victam International, which organizes the biggest events of the animal feed processing sector in various locations of the world, will strengthen its presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with this cooperation. Mr. Sebas Van den Ende, General Manager of VICTAM International BV, points out that both parties signing the agreement are aiming to have the strongest and largest event in the region. Mr. Van den Ende continues his speech as follows: “This cooperation provides an entry into the region for Victam and a strategic path for IDMA to respond to growing competition. This cooperation, which adopts a win-win strategy, may create a synergy in sales, marketing, and operations and may be a proactive answer for companies wishing to enter the region. The cooperation aims is to have a long-term cooperation for the benefit of both parties.”
10.03.2022 | Trade show | 3 days | Istanbul | Entry: paid
Short course Port and Terminal Operations for Bulk Cargoes
Overview: Bulk materials handling and safety issues at ports and at sea Subjects covered: * Ship unloading technologies * Conveying technologies (pneumatic vs belt) * Storage and discharge technologies * Loading/unloading control * Rail and road outloading equipment and control * Explosion and fire risks and management * Mobile plant and safety * Developments in automation and autonomous vehicles * Dust control and environmental protection * Controlling cargo damage * Wear protection and maintenance * Cargo characterisation for handleability and other issues The course will run from 09:00 hrs UK time each day and will be delivered in English. Held in association with ABTO, members will receive discounted rates.
14.03.2022 | Short course | 5 days | on-line | Entry: paid
Course Storage and Discharge of Powders and Bulk Solids
Overview: Facilities storing bulk solid materials sometimes experience operational problems – often because they have been designed without knowledge of the flow characteristics of the material to be stored. This course advises on preventing such problems. Subjects covered: * An introduction to the storage and flow of bulk solid materials in hoppers, bins and bunkers * Determining the flow properties of bulk solids * Determination of hopper geometry * Predicting discharge rates * Feeders and feeding * Hopper discharge aids * Prediction of wall loadings and their effect on structural design * Discussion/troubleshooting period Course fee: £675 online / £825 on campus The course is offered in 2 options. Delegates attending either option are also offered the chance to participate in the optional practical workshop where equipment and processes discussed during the course will be demonstrated.
04.04.2022 | Course | 5 days | on-line | Entry: paid
Trade show RecyclingAKTIV
185 exhibitors on 96,500 sqm over 3 days RecyclingAKTIV is a demonstration trade fair that provides both information and excitement in equal measure. Across three days, the event is the perfect platform for machinery such as metal and sorting facilities, presses, shredders, shears, crushers and screens, along with special equipment for material handling, transport and logistics. Exhibitors showcase their machinery and facilities in action across over 90.000 sqm of open-air exhibiton area on a realistic working environment. RecyclingAKTIV takes place alongside TiefbauLIVE, the Demonstration trade fair for road construction and civil engineering. These twin events complement each other perfectly. After a successful inaugural event at a new location and with a new organising team in 2017, the twin trade fair has found the perfect place to develop in Karlsruhe. In September 2019, the event was back on the exhibition grounds of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. And from 5 - 7 May 2022, the grounds of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will once again turn into a mobile recycling yard and an open construction site. On the first platform for the construction and recycling industries in 2022 there will be more action, more technology and more demonstrations than ever before.
05.05.2022 | Trade show | 3 days | Karlsruhe | Entry: Free (after registration)
Course Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids
Overview: This intensive course looks at system components, design techniques, operation and control of blow tank systems, explosion hazards and operational problems, as well as the important but often neglected area of interfacing storage bins with conveying systems. Subjects covered: * Techniques for reducing product degradation during conveying * Ways to reduce maintenance, repair and unplanned stoppages to pneumatic conveying equipment * Methods of reducing energy consumption * How to troubleshoot problematic systems * How to eliminate blockages in pneumatic pipelines * Explosion Hazards including ATEX Directives * Operation and control of blow tanks * System selection and operation * Interfacing storage bins to conveying systems * Relevant case studies from industry Course fee: £675 online / £825 on campus The course is offered in 2 options. Delegates attending either option are also offered the chance to participate in the optional practical workshop where equipment and processes discussed during the course will be demonstrated. The course is repeated in November 2022
09.05.2022 | Course | 5 days | on-line | Entry: paid
Trade Fair ExpoSolidos
ExpoSolidos, Exhibition for the Technology and Processing of Solids- is the leading trade fair in southern Europe specialized in the handling and processing of solids, bulk materials, dry powder, semi solids and solids-liquid separation. The best solutions In ExpoSolidos the main national and international solids technology companies offer you the best technological solutions to the needs in the management of any type of solid material. Much more than a fair In ExpoSolidos we organize more than 10 technical conferences. Conferences about those subjects that determinate the present and the immediate future of industries: from the environment, to the application of 5.0, robotics or the regulatory framework, among others. NETWORKING In ExpoSolidos we promote networking because we consider that in a hyper connected world online, it is positive to meet those people with whom you do business and those who generate most of the information you need in your work.
10.05.2022 | Trade Fair | 3 days | Barcelona | Entry: Free (after registration)
Trade show VICTAM International + GRAPAS Europe
VICTAM International is by far the world’s largest dedicated event for the animal feed processing industries. Co-located with VICTAM International is GRAPAS International, the event for the grain, flour and rice processing industries. The exhibition is a ‘one stop’ show for the decision makers within these industries. Each visitor will be able to find what they are looking for, all under one roof over three days. The event also focuses on a series of high quality industry conferences and business matchmaking with colleagues and clients. VICTAM International and GRAPAS International 2022 will take place from May 31 - June 2, 2022 at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The conferences and technical seminars will take place simultaneously on the second floor.
31.05.2022 | Trade show | 3 days | Utrecht (NL) | Entry: paid
Short course Pneumatic Conveying System Design
Advanced Course: Pneumatic Conveying System Design An in-depth exploration of detailed calculations and design for pneumatic pipelines. This course is aimed at practitioners already familiar with the basics of pneumatic conveying. Course fees are £825 This is also available as an In-Company course. This course is delivered in English. It is repeated in November 2022
08.06.2022 | Short course | 2 days | Chatham Maritime, Kent, UK | Entry: paid
Course Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing
This course is organised by the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology in conjunction with Carpenter Additive and the Fraunhofer IFAM Institute, Bremen. Reason to attend: you will be guided through the critical aspects of powder management for metal and plastics powder-based AM processing Course topics include: * Powder recycling and quality issues; * Contamination and oxidation issues; * Standards for AM powders; * Flow behaviour and characterisation of powders; * Introduction to the handling processes – pneumatic conveying systems, screw feeders, hoppers and silo storage and discharge; Course Fees: £675 The course will be conducted in English over 5 x 3-hours sessions
20.06.2022 | Course | 5 days | on-line | Entry: paid
Trade show SOLIDS Dortmund
National and international exhibitors present their technologies and solutions for the processing, handling, storage, transport and analysis of powders, granules and bulk solids. Our trade visitors are top decision-makers and buyers searching for specific solutions, and come from processing industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, stone and earth extraction, food and feed, metal, glass and recycling. More information you will find in our exhibitor catalogue At the same time, the 6th RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund – Trade show for recycling technologies – will take place. Become part of the business platform in the heart of the industry.
22.06.2022 | Trade show | 2 days | Dortmund | Entry: Free (after registration)
Trade Show Achema 2022
ACHEMA is the world forum for chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology. Every three years the world’s leading show for the process industry attracts around 3,800 exhibitors from over 50 different countries to present new products, processes and services to 150,000 professionals from all over the world. The spectrum ranges from laboratory equipment, pumps and analytical devices to packaging machinery, boilers and stirrers through to safety technology, materials and software, thus covering the entire needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food production industries. The accompanying congress, featuring 800 scientific lectures and numerous guest and partner events, complements the wide range of themes of the exhibition. Focal topics are identified anew for every ACHEMA and feature topics that are currently trending in industry. In 2021, they are - The digital lab: In the lab data from every stage of research and production converge. Modularly designed and fully connected, the digital lab is a data mine for process design and quality control. - Product and process security: The interfaces between the real and the virtual world demand special attention in times of industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. - Modular and connected production: A fully connected value chains makes faster product cycles possible as well as small batches of specialized products. Based on the proven ACHEMA concept with its unique range of topics and the established interplay of exhibition and congress, the organizers at Dechema are currently working on new formats that will offer even more opportunities for discussion and networking. These include matchmaking tools as well as new interactive event formats. They are intended to stimulate discussion and provide additional impulses. The hall layout has also been slightly adapted to make optimum use of the structural changes on the exhibition grounds and to integrate the brand new Hall 12, located right in the center. Thus ACHEMA, which celebrates its centenary in 2020, offers the opportunity to truly experience the latest solutions and products for the process industry and to make global contacts.
22.08.2022 | Trade Show | 5 days | Frankfurt am Main | Entry: paid
Trade fair Powtech 2022
Take advantage of the overall dynamics offered by POWTECH, the leading exhibition for experts in powder and bulk solids technology. This event provides a presentation platform for innovations and advancements in processes for the manufacture of quality products made and processed from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids – also for the environmental and recycling sector. Good reasons for visiting 1. 360° View of mechanical Processing Technologies A picture is worth a thousand words. So choose the 360° panoramic view of the entire process chain of processing technologies and discuss the leading-edge developments in analysis, size reduction, screening, mixing, conveying, dosing and compacting with the industry’s top experts. Whether energy efficiency, sustainability, careful handling or process optimization, POWTECH 2022 as the world’s undisputed number one puts the focus on innovations that will change mechanical processing technology. 2. Clear Focus on Powder and Bulk Solids technology As an international exhibition, POWTECH reflects the trends in the industry through its exclusive focus on mechanical processing technologies – for the benefit of exhibitors and visitors. The compact event gives you easy access to the leading suppliers of basic processing technologies for powder and bulk solids, plant engineering and processing components, equipment for measurement, control and automation, products for nanoparticle technology, safety and environmental technology, plus services for mechanical processing technologies. 3. The perfect stage for work, dialogue and new contacts POWTECH is far more than just a trade exhibition. It is a stage for working and discussing and the exchange of ideas between engineers prepares the ground for valuable new contacts and business relationships. But POWTECH is also the perfect stage for newcomers: As in the past years, young innovative companies show their new product and process developments in the "innovation made in Germany pavilion". 4. Inspiration for tomorrow’s Processing Technologies Meetings, deadlines and pressure of costs. Do you often have no scope for creativity during your daily work? POWTECH 2022 is guaranteed to inspire you with its presentation of pioneering innovations. The accompanying programme shows you the latest trends and product developments in the fields of explosion protection, easy-to-clean solutions or cleanrooms. 5. POWTECH – the Industry Barometer Figures are worth a thousand words. 823 exhibitors from 29 countries, over 14,100 trade visitors; the figures for 2019 impressively show the importance of POWTECH for almost all branches of industry, and especially chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal and food. All the forecasts indicate that value creation in the processing technology segment will carry on growing, so be there in 2022 when the crème de la crème discuss the latest product innovations.
30.08.2022 | Trade fair | 3 days | Nürnberg | Entry: paid
Trade show VICTAM Asia 2022
About VICTAM Asia 2022 in co-location with Health & Nutrition Asia VICTAM ASIA is firmly established as the event dedicated to the animal feed processing industry within Asia. Co-located with VICTAM Asia 2022 is VIV Health & Nutrition, making this the total animal feed and health event organized by Victam and VIV. VICTAM Asia and VIV Health & Nutrition is also home to GRAPAS Asia, the event for grain, rice and flour milling technology. The exhibition will be organised at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. The conferences and technical seminars will take place simultaneously.
07.09.2022 | Trade show | 3 days | Bangkok | Entry: Free (after registration)
On line Short Course Design of Equipment for Storing and Discharging Bulk Materials
The drawing up of specifications and correct design of hoppers, silos, bunkers and other large-scale bulk storage schemes is of fundamental importance for the optimal operation of plant. This short course has been developed with specification writers and equipment designers/suppliers in mind. Topics covered include: * Minimising project risk through characterisation of bulk materials; * How to characterise bulk materials using firmly established methods and the latest test equipment; * How to use shear cell measurements to design for reliable discharge; * Detail design for storage equipment; * Best Practice for bulk handling plant design and operation; * When should discharge aids be applied and appropriate types; * Methods for correct interfacing. Delivered online over 5 x 3 hours sessions.
26.09.2022 | On line Short Course | 5 days | on line delivery | Entry: paid
Course Overview of Particulate Handling Technology
Overview: This is an intensive course designed to introduce the technology of storing and handling bulk materials. It also covers the problems that can result from incorrect equipment selection, and looks at appropriate design methodologies for safe and reliable plant. Subjects covered: * Sampling * Characterisation of Bulk Solids * Storage Equipment * Discharge Aids * Product Feeders * Segregation of Bulk Materials * Degradation of Bulk Materials * Pneumatic Conveying * Caking of Bulk Materials * Dust Control Course fee: £675 online / £825 on campus The course is offered in 2 options. Delegates attending either option are also offered the chance to participate in the optional practical workshop where equipment and processes discussed during the course will be demonstrated.
10.10.2022 | Course | 5 days | on-line | Entry: paid
Trade show Solids Antwerp 2022
Professionals in the processing, storage and transport of dry bulk goods will come together to meet and do business during Solids at the renewed Antwerp Expo. They will get a good view on the future of process technology. 100 exhibitors in processing, storage and transport of dry bulk. Stay up-to-date during in-depth sessions about: ATEX explosion safety, efficient cleaning and artificial intelligence. Allow yourself to be inspired by speakers such as Ilham Kadri (Solvay), Jan Remeysen (BASF) and many more. Discover the latest innovations in the powder and bulk industry during the innovation tour.
16.11.2022 | Trade show | 2 days | Antwerp | Entry: Free (after registration)
Course Rotary Valves: Design, Selection and Operational Issues
Rotary valves are widely used to feed pneumatic conveying pipelines, and for feed metering, explosion isolation, atmospheric isolation etc. However there are a multitude of combinations of different feature options available covering choice of materials of construction, rotor type, drive type, venting arrangements, bearing pattern, seal choice, clearances, cleaning features etc. Faced with this bewildering choice, how does an engineer decide what to specify? This course will help understand the reasons for the different options and how to choose them. Topics will include: * Application areas for rotary valves, and their different demands (feeding, explosion protection, isolation etc) * Basics of rotary valve performance – air leakage, feed rate etc * Materials of construction linked to issues of wear and build-up * Seals and bearings, options, functions and selection * Special consideration for explosion isolation * ATEX requirements and responsibilities * Features for cleaning and preventing contamination * Venting – needs, options and ensuring success * Review of practical application issues The course is aimed at engineers, system designers, maintenance personnel who have responsibility for sourcing, specifying and keeping operational rotary valves in all industries. Course fees are £520 per person
24.11.2022 | Course | 1 day | Chatham Maritime, Kent, UK | Entry: paid
Trade Fair DeburringEXPO 2023
DeburringEXPO at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre is the leading technical trade fair for deburring technology and precision surface finishing. The exhibition portfolio covers processing of workpieces and components made of all technical materials and for all industry sectors. As a technology platform for deburring, rounding and the production of precision surface finishes, DeburringEXPO provides a unique overview of the relevant systems, processes, tools and equipment, as well as measuring, test and analysis systems. More and more complex component geometries, ever stricter requirements for quality and precision, new materials and rising cost pressure in global competition are bringing these quality-relevant production steps increasingly into focus. The exhibitors present innovative solutions as well as opportunities for process optimisation, and provide a fundamental transfer of knowledge with examples from practical technical applications. Component cleanliness after deburring plays a significant role where strict demands are placed on surface quality. Solutions, new products and further developments are showcased from this segment as well. The majority of the expert visitors are manufacturing specialists, plant managers and development engineers from the most important industry sectors with high levels of decision-making authority and a strong propensity to invest. Nearly all of the expert visitors bring sample parts or drawings to DeburringEXPO in order to find the right process and appropriate solutions for their requirements. In a targeted fashion and without wasted coverage, suppliers and procurement decision-makers meet in order to find the best possible solutions for concrete applications – an ideal win-win situation for exhibitors and visitors alike. Offerings are rounded out by an integrated expert forum and thematically specific special shows on current trends. The practically oriented, simultaneously interpreted presentations (German English) and the exchange of experience amongst experts, exhibitors and visitors provide all involved parties with enormous added value. 2021 facts and figures: * 105 exhibitors * 1.100 visitors from 14 countries, 11% from countries other than Germany
10.10.2023 | Trade Fair | 3 days | Messe Karlsruhe | Entry: paid
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