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SMC solution for air suction - Small in size, big in benefits
SMC solution for air suction - Small in size, big in benefits
SMC has developed a ‘fitting’ solution for a textile industry customer, thanks to its new air amplifier, that is small in size but has delivered big benefits by reducing energy consumption by a fifth. The ZH20-X185 air amplifier, from SMC’s Energy Saving and Vacuum range, uses compressed air technology for suction and blowing and it has proved to be an effective and cost efficient alternative to traditional electric hoovers and fans. Ideal for processes requiring the removal or suction of small particles or gases, the ZH20-X185 has been certified as the best solution and an alternative to electric hoovers. In this instance, SMC’s customer needed to suction the fabric leftovers when operating an ultrasonic fabric cutting machine. The hoover not only used 3.75 Kw of electricity but also proved to be a bulky and noisy solution that required a great deal of maintenance due to its moving parts. SMC specialists were quick to see the benefits that the air amplifier
22.08.2013  |  5984x  |  Product description  | 
Dust absorption system
The Sodimix is a patented powdered activated carbon (PAC) dust absorption system that eliminates dust created in dry-to-slurry processes. The filtration system is completely dust free, without product loss and can be easily mounted on existing dry-to-slurry processes. The Sodimix is applied mainly as additional equipment for preparation tank to the production of activated carbon suspension. This activated carbon suspension is used in the area of the drinking water processing as well as in flue gas cleaning.
12.04.2012  |  11425x  |  Product news
Micron Cleaning Station
Micron Cleaning Station
The Micron Cleaning Station is a unique cleaning system and will add a new dimension to the concept of cleaning. Designed by industrial air technical engineers it can handle the toughest cleaning jobs with ease. Especially in the recycling industry where a lot of dust is created due to demolishing and de- assembly operations. Suction By using a unique 3-stage separation this system is suitable for picking up pieces of coarse components such as vegetables, chips, small metals, liquids and particulate matter up to 1 micron, without immediately blockage of the filter. This a constant and strong suction power all the time. Blowing Beside suction cleaning, this system can be turned in a second into a powerful blower. With our special lance blowing speeds of 300 km per hour can be achieved. This is similar as blowing a compressed air pistol, only more powerful by a multitude of air volume. With the Micron Cleaning Station you can first blow-off dust and pieces
29.04.2011  |  6124x  |  Product news  | 
Donaldson`s In Line Sparkarrestor
Donaldson`s In Line Sparkarrestor
The In Line Sparkarrestor can be mounted in new or existing ducting. This preseperator is taking out the bigger particles by centrifugal force. The solid blades will give a rotatation to the air, the particles will be catched and via the fall pipe discharged into the dustbin. This pre-separator was origanally designed to catch the sparks which are generated by cutting or weld steel, as with shotblasting, but due to its high efficiency it can also be used to decrease the dust load. The filters in the filterunit will have a longer life. The diameter range is from Ø125 up to Ø1,000 mm and the capacity various from 2.000 up to 60.000 m³/hr. For more information please contact Donaldson Nederland B.V..
25.01.2008  |  8005x  |  Product news  | 
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