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New click-on pipe markers: durable and easy to apply Brady’s premium click-on pipe markers are very durable
New click-on pipe markers: durable and easy to apply
Brady’s premium click-on pipe markers are very durable Brady’s new premium click-on pipe markers are very durable and easy to apply or switch out. Adaptable to any existing standard, the new click-on pipe markers support plant safety and efficiency by clearly communicating pipe contents and flow direction, even in tough conditions. No adhesive The new click-on pipe markers are ideal for pipes with a diameter of 20 cm and larger and do not require an adhesive to attach to pipes. The pipe marker is applied to a fibreglass carrier which can easily be clicked onto two straps. This makes replacing or switching out pipe markers a lot easier. The click-on system also enables fast re-application after pipe marker updates. Because there is no need for an adhesive, click-on pipe markers are more practical to identify cold, hot, painted or oily pipes. Durable materials Brady’s click-on pipe marker is made out of stainless steel and fibreglass. Those durable materials will prevent the pipe marker from peeling, and they should
08.07.2016  |  5385x  |  Product news  | 
New Safety Signs Sliders enable flexible facility messaging
New Safety Signs Sliders enable flexible facility messaging
Brady’s new Safety Signs Sliders are visual communication platforms that accommodate up to 4 facility signs. They can be used to communicate important safety and awareness messages to employees and visitors and are extremely easy to update and customise. Up to 4 signs The empty Safety Signs Slider boards enable safety and facility managers to insert sliders and highlight the most appropriate message at any place or access path. Employees and visitors can see the most relevant information displayed for any specific area and will be aware how to keep themselves and others safe. The boards are made from durable materials, and are available in various formats and sizes for wall or door hanging. Update at will Updating safety and facility information becomes very easy when using the Safety Signs Sliders. Simply slide out what is no longer relevant, and slide in new safety signs that warn against hazards, remind of safety precautions or prohibit unsafe or undesired
10.12.2015  |  6129x  |  Product news  | 
Fast safety identification design with new Brady Workstation
Fast safety identification design with new Brady Workstation
The new Brady Workstation enables users to create safety signs, CLP labels, pipe markers and Lockout/Tagout procedure visualisations in just a few clicks. It is a freely downloadable app environment with a friendly user interface that places all safety identification design at your fingertips. Easy to use label design apps Brady Workstation apps have been designed to enable extremely fast label and signage creation. The Express Signs App offers safety sign templates to choose from, enables users to add custom information and to print the sign with a Brady printer in mere minutes. The Pipe Marker and Arrow Tape App work in much the same way, while the Custom Designer App offers a blank canvas for users to play with. All of these apps can be used free of charge. Added value apps The CLP/GHS Label App and the Lockout Writer App are two highly specialised apps available in Brady Workstation. The CLP Label App supports the creation of compliant CLP Labels,
15.06.2015  |  7594x  |  Product news  | 
Metso launching several new products in Metso product range
Metso HiSafe Systems At the end of 2012 Metso was launching several new products in the Metso Product Range. HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is very important for us so we invest in possible solutions that are complementary with our conveying solutions. We develop safety solutions for conveyors and we reinforce solutions for dust That`s why we launch the next products: - Metso HiSafe Systems - Metso Belt Turning Systems - Metso Loading Systems - Metso Sealing Systems Metso HiSafe Systems Focus on safety around the conveyor, nip/pinch protection for moving parts, elimination of risks, no moving parts, preventing serious accidents - Metso HiSafe Roller Guard - Metso HiSafe Roller Guard Return - Metso HiSafe Head Pulley Guard (HPG) - Metso HiSafe Tail Pulley Guard (TPG) with a Rock Deflector Metso Belt Turning System (Used to keep both sides of the belt clean and to keep more grip on the drums) Metso Loading Systems - Metso Glide Block - Metso Chain Cradle -
11.02.2013  |  6302x  |  Product news
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