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08.07.2016  |  5369x
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New click-on pipe markers: durable and easy to apply

Brady’s premium click-on pipe markers are very durable

Brady’s new premium click-on pipe markers are very durable and easy to apply or switch out. Adaptable to any existing standard, the new click-on pipe markers support plant safety and efficiency by clearly communicating pipe contents and flow direction, even in tough conditions.

No adhesive

The new click-on pipe markers are ideal for pipes with a diameter of 20 cm and larger and do not require an adhesive to attach to pipes. The pipe marker is applied to a fibreglass carrier which can easily be clicked onto two straps. This makes replacing or switching out pipe markers a lot easier. The click-on system also enables fast re-application after pipe marker updates. Because there is no need for an adhesive, click-on pipe markers are more practical to identify cold, hot, painted or oily pipes.

Durable materials

Brady’s click-on pipe marker is made out of stainless steel and fibreglass. Those durable materials will prevent the pipe marker from peeling, and they should enable industries to keep pipes clearly identified for a long time.

On-site printable

Brady can supply compliant click-on pipe markers in any country, for any industry or company. Some pipe markers are on-site printable using a thermal transfer Brady printer. Blank click-on pipe markers are available for companies who prefer the flexibility of printing pipe markers on-site. Brady can also supply pipe markers with pre-printed designs which can be completed on-site with specific information. Any click-on pipe marker can also be fully custom printed and created by Brady per request.

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