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Latest update: 15.12.2021
ED-VAN Vantilatör Ltd.Şti.
TEL: +90 232 433 78 33
FAX: +90 232 433 78 28
Central Office
1201/2 Sokak NO:2/C Temsil Plaza Iş Merkezi
35170   Yenişehir/IZMIR
Çıkrıkçı Köyü
10302   Edremit / BALIKESIR
Mr. Gencer TURGAY
Manager Sales and Marketing
+90 232 433 78 33
Sales Department
Company brochure
Company brochure


ED-VAN was founded in 1975 and is located in Edremit, Northwestern part of Turkey. Our main office is located in İzmir, Western part of Turkey. As one of the leading companies, specialized in industrial dust collectors and fans, we offer high quality solutions related to air pollution problems encountered in industrial plants. Total area of 20.000 m^2 and an 8.000m^2 enclosed area is actively used for manufacturing purpose with a hundred of experienced employees. About 100.000 products manufactured in our facility are used within the country and overseas today.

Having been established in 1975, our company has acted endeavouring to provide its customers with the best and the most reasonable prices through the products it has manufactured so far and through its engineering services. ED-VAN has performed solution-oriented operations by addressing the problems of its customers with the most suitable alternatives since the day it was established. It has expanded its manufacturing portfolio during the period up to the present day and become capable of supplying thousands of products every year through the new investments it has made in its existing factory.
Having initially started production with products of small capacity, ED-VAN has included Project based-works and products of large capacity into its portfolio over time. Products made by our company during the period up to the present day have been operating at the companies in seven regions of Turkey and many countries of the world for many years.

Prioritising quality and customer requirements, our company has increased its capacity and quality through technological investments and taken a big step towards institutionalisation and training and made its employees more knowledgeable and qualified during the last five years. One of the leading companies in its respective sector, our company will keep taking any necessary steps to advance and improve this position.

Products, services
Fans, Dust Collectors, Auxiliary Equipment,
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Products, services
Fans -
Dust Collectors -
Auxiliary Equipment -
Product handling - Animal feed
Components, accessories - Pumps, fans - Axial fans
Product handling - Biomass
Product handling - Cement
Product handling - Coffee
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Product handling - Animal feed
Components, accessories - Pumps, fans - Axial fans
Product handling - Biomass
Product handling - Cement
Product handling - Coffee
Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - Dedusting technology
Product handling - Fibres
Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - Gas cyclones
Components, accessories - Pumps, fans - Radial fans
Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - Filters - Reverse pulse jet cleaned filters
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