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Belt scales
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JesCon, the convenient belt weigher Adjustable belt weigher
JesCon, the convenient belt weigher
Adjustable belt weigher Especially for closed belt conveyors Jesma has developed an adjustable belt weigher with side mounting to save time and space. The unit is available with adjustable idler for flat roller, V shaped or trough-shaped roller applications, bandwidth from 400 mm -1400mm
07.10.2016  |  5847x  |  Product news  |   | 
ship & truck loading system save time and space
ship & truck loading system
save time and space
23.05.2016  |  4722x  |  Product news  |   | 
Legal for trade weighfeeder of Jesma Dosing belts now available with OIML R50 certification
Legal for trade weighfeeder of Jesma
Dosing belts now available with OIML R50 certification Jesma introduces the new generation JesBelt A (Approved) dosing belts. Jesma dosing belts has developed a special series for OIML approved dosing of dry substances. These weighfeeders are not only highly accurate (+/- 0.25%) but also suitable for ATEX environment. The range is from 0,2 to 1000 t/h, with widths of 500-1600 mm. The dosing belts are available in St 34 or AISI 304. Applications are eg: truck / ship-loading, adding nearly all solids. Besides dosing belts Jesma provides various static, dynamic and continuous weighing solutions, often OIML verified and with high accuracy.
17.02.2016  |  5746x  |  Product news  |   | 
High Containment Systems
FROM POWDER MIXING TO FINISHED GRANULATE IN THE ISOLATOR Three-Tec develops high-quality volumetric and gravimetric feed units and extruders together with peripheral equipment such as spheronizers, granulators, hot die faces, conveyor belts and water baths. They impress due to their easy cleaning, simple handling and flexible adjustment to process requirements. Versatile options to integrate them into the production processes or test and laboratory applications of research and development make Three-Tec machines very popular products. Three-Tec machines are produced as custom-made designs to meet customer requirements and are largely used in the testing and laboratory sectors of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Three-Tec has now reacted to the growing demand for a production process for granulates in an isolated environ-ment and realised an isolator with integrated gravimetric feed unit, extruder, conveyor belt and granulator in accord-ance with ISO 14644-7 in collaboration with ART-Reinraumtechnik. As a result,
07.01.2016  |  13854x  |  Product news
Belt Scale measures Volume instead of weight
Belt Scale measures Volume instead of weight
Task: A high voltage cable should be layed under the Rhine. The resulting drilling spoil is transported via a belt conveyor. Basically, it is extremely important that the volume of subsidized soil is not greater than the volume of the drilled cylinder. If this exceeds a certain limit, the work must be stopped immediately. The operator of the drilling system wants to use a conventional belt scale for this application. The accumulated weight value (t) should then be converted by a correction factor in m³. This approach only provides satisfactory results, if the density of the soil and the loosening factor are reasonably constant. Solution: Instead of a gravimetric belt scale an optical ”belt scale” was used. This type of scale works with a high-speed scanner, that scans the surface of the belt with optical sensors and thus determines the volume delivered directly and maintenance-free. A robust ”CAT - smartphone” is provided for data exchange
07.07.2015  |  16451x  |  Product news  | 
Solid Flow Meter independance on density and perticle size
Solid Flow Meter
independance on density and perticle size Rembe Safety & Control , introduces the newest generation in line flow meter, the C-Lever , for all kind of dry bulk products. An accuracy of < 0.25 % makes the unit on a level of high performance in every kind of industry where dynamic weighing in this range, was not possible before. Applications like wood pellets , sugar , coffebeans , grain , milk powder , granulate , flyash or cement are no problem and can be measured in a range of 50 kg/h up to 600 t/h . The new model is avaliable for high temperature applications and also in ATEX zone 20/21. For FDA/2A certification we`re in the process and we will have it very soon. The technology is based on centripetal forces and this gives a much better and accurate flow control than the Impact Flow Meters on the market. Rembe Safety & Control is producer of flow meters, flow sensors and stainless steel belt scales. Behind this Rembe is also European distributor for APM volume scanners, Bindicator level measurement
10.03.2011  |  2464x  |  Product news  | 
Free fall flow measurement Non contact measurement
Free fall flow measurement
Non contact measurement During free fall of products, a non-contacting mass flow measurement can be performed at the delivery end of conveyor systems such as vibrating conveyors, screw conveyors, rotary dischargers, chain conveyors and conveyor belts. By the radiometric principle the material flow in t/h is calculated from the product weight per area and material speed. NON-CONTACTING MEASUREMENT: * minimal maintenance * no measurement errors caused by material deposits * no influence of air flows in the fall pipe or fall chute * unaffected by temperature and grain size variations * minimal influence of moisture variations CONSTRUCTION: * simple construction at the outside of piping * simple installation of elements and control
07.12.2002  |  5357x  |  Product news  | 
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