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Latest update: 01.09.2021
Opdenhoff Technologie GmbH
TEL: +49 2242 91 34 67 0
FAX: +49 2242 91 3467 10
Bonner Strasse 20 E
D-53773   Hennef
+49 2242 9134670
Mr. Jürgen Opdenhoff
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OPD PRO.CARE - is our vision for the digital future of the bulk solids industry. We bring together in one software what belongs together.

The idea of OPD PRO.CARE is simple and logical, but also complex to implement. It is essentially based on the know-how that OPDENHOFF has accumulated in 50 years of process engineering.

Our expert knowledge creates new opportunities through consulting along the entire value chain.

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Products, services
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BVMW - Cooperation and exchange of experience  The BVMW - Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses visits us
BVMW - Cooperation and exchange of experience
The BVMW - Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses visits us On Wednesday the BVMW - Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft was visiting us. Many thanks to Dagmar Mayer for the great cooperation and the exchange of experiences. n the Content. Issue of 2021 you can read a great report on page 47 about the topic "Digital twin for the bulk solids industry" from us.
10.06.2021  |  362x  |  Press release  | 
OPDWIN Visu lite with connection to customary scales
OPDWIN Visu lite with connection to customary scales
OPDwin Visu lite is laid out on the demands of the visualisation and handling of less complicated processes and is available in the versions Small, Middle and Large. With OPDwin Visu lite small the company OPDENHOFF Technologie GmbH offers a system solution with which customary scales can be handled and on a Panel the cradle parametres for up to 3 components can be purport. With the bigger versions of OPDwin Visu lite several scales can be handled, be purport up to 8 components respectively up to 40 recipes can be stored directly in the Panel. Scale parametres and recipes can be transfered over according to the version of the OPDwin Visu lite also by higher systems like OPDwin Visu or OPDwin PMS. This system solution offers you the following functions: · Order oriented weighing of recipes · Retraceability by an exact logging with operator`s role · Additionally a raw material balance by logging Scales can be connected to the control over
24.07.2009  |  3727x  |  Product news  | 
Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
The OPDENHOFF Technologie GmbH has successfully established a quality management to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The certificate was drawn by the TÜV Rheinland after the certification audit in March 2009. Why ISO 9001 to the OPDENHOFF Technologie GmbH? Consistent quality assurance is a central instrument of the corporate strategy with the uppermost priority of the OPDENHOFF Technologie GmbH. The ISO 9001–certification is an important step to guarantee the customer a optimum product quality by a constant adaptation to the current technical development. The quality management system accompanies all relevant operational processes, analyzes them to optimisation possibilities and documents them comprehensible and transparent. What was certified ? The quality management is certified for the scope Planning, development ans realisation of complete system solutions for continuos and discontinous processes. IT solutions, automation solutions and control solutions
16.06.2009  |  3620x  |  Product news  | 
OPDwin Quality assurance Quality is accessible!
OPDwin Quality assurance
Quality is accessible! OPDwin quality assurance is a new tool which checks the quality of the product with the help of the batch records and mixer protocols and indicates possible divergences to the company recipe immediately. As a part of the Cron-service performed the tool offers the advantage that it must not be first started manual but working with the system start in the background. High-class signs for the produced mixture are: · Correct use of all raw materials given in the company receipt in every charge · Properly measured raw material amount within freely determinable tolerance · Correct use of the mixing receipt given in the mixing prescription in every charge · Abidance of the debit values of process parametres, as for example period/temperature/rotation speed, within freely determinable tolerance The qualitatively complained orders become in the order result as well as later in the archive over a red mark (Qu. Ko. (quality check)) directly marked in the overview
08.04.2009  |  3663x  |  Product news  | 
OPDwin DataCollector Service Process data under OPDwin?
OPDwin DataCollector Service
Process data under OPDwin? Lower costs and increase efficiency with the OPDwin DataCollector service. The OPDwin DataCollector service registers process datas for different control concepts and provides this for evaluations for the production protection and production optimisation. For the evaluation different Connectors are available with standard methods and protocols which are connectable to the OPDwin product range or to any MES systems. By the Customizing of the OPDWIN-Team an individual, exactly at the requirements optimised software System solution is guaranteed. The OPDwin DataCollector service is scaleable and uses a SQL database system to the permanent data management. The integration of the service in the IT infrastructure can follow centrally as well as decentralised. Developed under Java Sun and Microsoft.Net the software is sure about future.
11.03.2009  |  2858x  |  Product news  | 
OPDENHOFF Technologie GmbH Invitation to Powtech 2008 Hall 7 Exhibition stand 140
OPDENHOFF Technologie GmbH
Invitation to Powtech 2008 Hall 7 Exhibition stand 140 OPDENHOFF Technologie GmbH has been developing total system solutions for the industrial-scale weighing, mixing, conveying and storing of bulk materials and fluids since 1969. The processes are optimized using the OPDwin concept, helping you to derive the Optimal Process Display for your company. OPDwin optimized batch processes can be found in the • Plastics industry • Rubber industry • Foodstuffs industry • Paint and varnish industry • Animal feed industry • Construction materials industry Business Activities: Project management and support for all batch processes; IT solutions; Production planning, production scheduling, production data acquisition, manufacturing optimization; Service-oriented interfaces to third-party systems, e. g. SAP; Automation solutions; Control and feedback control systems and process technology; Circuit diagram design, E-MSR planning technology CAD; Design of switch cabinets and open-loop control systems The
07.09.2008  |  8075x  |  Product news  | 
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