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Latest update: 15.02.2021
Schenck Process Europe GmbH
TEL: +49 6151 1531 0
FAX: +49 6151 1531 66
Pallaswiesenstraße 100
D-64293   Darmstadt
Schenck Process is the global technology and market leader in applied measuring technology. We make processes work in all areas of industry throughout the world. For us that means improving our customer processes in terms of reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Combining outstanding equipment and extensive process knowledge, we develop and manufacture innovative solutions for weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation, and air filtration applications. We focus on the needs of our customers and support them through the whole lifecycle of a product.
Our diverse service portfolio includes engineering and commissioning, maintenance, training, and consulting.
Products, services
Weighbridges, Dosing feeders, Gravimetric feeders, Micro feeders, Weighers, Linear motion screens,
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Products, services
Weighbridges -
Dosing feeders -
Gravimetric feeders -
Micro feeders -
Weighers -
Linear motion screens -
Conveyors, transport equipment - Belt conveyors - Flat belt conveyors
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Load cells
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Platform scales
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Weighing scales


Kemutec engineered Largest KEK Cone Mill Ever Largest Cone Mill
Kemutec engineered Largest KEK Cone Mill Ever
Largest Cone Mill For reliable & hygienic size reduction, Kemutec’s KEK Cone Mill, includes the widest range available, from lab through to bulk production. New to the range, features what may well be the largest Cone Mill available, the CM800 which is 10 bar explosion proof. The CM800 KEK Cone Mill was engineered by Kemutec specifically to support a client for the densification - bulk density increase of milk powder. KEK Cone Mills are a popular choice across the food industry due to their ability to mill and gently grind a wide variety of materials, at either low of high speed. They are hygienically designed for simple, quick cleaning and particularly suitable for dairy applications and if wanted CIP-able. The Cone Mill also ensured the client’s process minimized fines and effectively milled sticky fats powders. Also, KEK Cone Mills can be easily integrated in a vacuum conveying system, which brings a total cost-efficient solution. **Popular Food applications for the Cone Mill
14.07.2020  |  937x  |  Product news  |   | 
E-finity® low pressure continuous dense phase designed for stability and reliability
low pressure continuous dense phase designed for stability and reliability Schenck Process E-finity® is a patented continuous dense phase conveying system for fragile materials. Precise pressure monitoring and airflow corrections allow the system to operate efficiently under all conditions, while gently inducing materials through the convey line in slug form. E-finity® is ideally suited for granular and pelleted materials, and has proven itself on many projects for pet foods, cereals, nuts, grains, prills, and pelleted material. Unique E-finity® air controls can employ a single air source to operate 2-3 different systems simultaneously. The result is a significant cost savings in both equipment and installation, with continued savings in operation and maintenance moving forward. Our abilities to design, size, sell, fabricate, and integrate other OEM processes as well as installing and providing ongoing support delivers full control. As the primary equipment manufacturer, we manage production schedules for faster lead times on highly-engineered,
25.06.2018  |  6834x  |  Product news  | 
Schenck Process to open new stainless steel producion plant
In an effort to better serve the high end food, dairy, nutraceutical and fine chemical markets Schenck Process announces an investment to renovate its main plant at the Whitewater, Wisconsin location to a dedicated stainless steel production facility. The change removes carbon steel manufacturing at the main plant and replaces it with all stainless steel manufacturing to meet today’s hygienic standards. The potential for corrosion and cross contamination between carbon steel and stainless steel parts during cutting, forming, welding and finishing steps will be eliminated. “The markets for food and dairy applications have seen steady growth in recent years, and we expect this to continue,” commented Jay Brown, President FCP at Schenck Process. “This growth is also driven by increasing levels of food safety regulations and the desire of our customers to protect their brand reputation. Fully segregated operations will further increase our ability to deliver
02.11.2017  |  4606x  |  Product news
Global Cleanable Airlock - designed for sanitary processes
Global Cleanable Airlock - designed for sanitary processes
The new Global Cleanable Airlock (GCA) is ideal for applications where dry raw or finished products are being handled in the process and where inspection or system clean-out are required. Because the GCA is designed for high process rates and possesses a number of features suited for sanitary processes the airlock is perfect for food and pet food applications. Two models of the GCA consist of a standard and a demountable unit. The standard model is a round inlet, round outlet rotary valve which incorporates seals and product contact surfaces which meet food safety requirements. The demountable unit is designed with a rail system that simplifies removal of the endplate/rotor assembly from the housing providing access to the internal valve cavity, rotor pockets and all other product contact areas for quick and easy cleaning. Other key features of the GCA Airlock include: •Easy access to seals with rotor removed from endplate •All stainless steel construction
02.11.2017  |  5118x  |  Product news  | 
Award for someone who thinks outside the box Schenck Process employee Jan Krall wins Hessenmetall’s innovation competition
Award for someone who thinks outside the box
Schenck Process employee Jan Krall wins Hessenmetall’s innovation competition Jan Krall, a student on a dual degree program working at Schenck Process Europe, won the “M+Eine Zukunft” innovation competition for the next generation, which took place on February 22 and is organized by the employers’ association Hessenmetall, with his project “Schenck Process becomes smart and sexy”. The jury acknowledged Mr. Krall’s commitment to making Schenck Process even more attractive with new ideas. With the help of Angela Metzger, the Head of Training, the junior mechatronics engineer won first place in the “Students on a Dual Degree Program” category. As part of his project, in the last year Jan Krall established the future lab, where Schenck Process pools expertise from a very wide range of areas and in which it involves not only its employees, but also its customers. Its goal is to produce marketable innovations and thus increase the customer benefits. The jury appeared impressed by the fact that the future lab had already achieved an
02.11.2017  |  4819x  |  Press release  | 
Schenck Process launches its first app: vibe2know™ An easy way to measure the performance of vibrating machines with a smartphone
Schenck Process launches its first app: vibe2know™
An easy way to measure the performance of vibrating machines with a smartphone Is your equipment giving you good vibes? Or is it time for a fitness check? With vibe2know™ from Schenck Process, anyone can determine a vibrating machine’s current performance. The user simply inserts a smartphone into the specially designed mount and attaches it to the equipment. The app then immediately measures vibratory amplitude, frequency, oscillating angle and operating speed, and enables the user to visualize the vibrating machine’s motion pattern. By getting a quick indication of these key parameters, operators can avoid a sudden production outage and plan a timely maintenance intervention. vibe2know™ is already available via app stores for iOS, Android and Windows. It is highly intuitive to use and includes a brief tutorial. The mount can be obtained directly from Schenck Process. Easily attached to equipment by means of a magnet on its reverse side, it is robust and dust-tight, specially designed to withstand the accelerations of a vibrating
02.11.2017  |  5527x  |  Product news  | 
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