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InfraLab e-Series Laboratory measurement system for food and bulk applications
InfraLab e-Series Laboratory measurement system
for food and bulk applications The new NDC InfraLab e-Series NIR Analyser offers an unrivalled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and stability for the at-line measurement of moisture, fat / oil and/or protein in a wide range of applications in the Food and Bulk Industry (moisture only). Users throughout the world control their processes with the InfraLab and derive the following major benefits: • High speed sampling for improved productivity • Improvement in product quality • Major time and cost savings for routine QC analysis • No sample preparation required • Improved product quality and process control • Operator independent measurement results • Precalibrated from factory for standard applications • Supplied with InfraLab manager software • Available with a variety of samples trays • Ethernet and LIMS connectivity are available InfraLab e-Series Food and Bulk The at-line or laboratory InfraLab e-Series is available as a Single or Multi
10.12.2012  |  5937x  |  Product news  | 
Acuradmin distributor of British Sampling Systems  Samplers for powders, liquids and pastes
Acuradmin distributor of British Sampling Systems
Samplers for powders, liquids and pastes British firm Sampling Systems has appointed Acuradmin (Oud-Vossemeer-NL) as its Benelux distributor. Sampling Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of sampling equipment and accessories to serve various industries. Their product catalogue is extensive and over 95% of the range is permanently deliverable from stock. The range comprises sampling techniques for a wide scope of applications and products. Sampling systems have the capability to design bespoke samplers and products. Contact us with your requirements. The vast majority of our samplers are stainless steel but demand for disposable sampling products is on the rise mainly in the pharmaceutical industry and foodstuff suppliers and processors. The Steri-Ware brand name is Sampling System’s range of disposable samplers and laboratory ware. All Steri-Ware products are manufactured, assembled and packed under controlled conditions. While most sampling applications find their origins in the manufacturing
16.01.2012  |  5385x  |  Product news  | 
Hygienic screw conveyance for production of Cheddar cheese
Hygienic screw conveyance for production of Cheddar cheese
an Beek has delivered a screw conveyor with an extremely high hygienic finish level to Tetra Pak Tebel B.V. from Heerenveen. This trough conveyor is used in the production of Cheddar cheese in Northern Ireland. The Van Beek screw conveyor is used as a component of the Tetra Tebel Alfomatic machine for transporting salted curds. The Van Beek stainless steel booster conveyor transports the salted curds with a capacity of 8500 kilogram per hour. The advantage of a screw conveyor compared for example with a conveyor belt is that during transport (6.5 metre long) the curds are also mixed with the salt at the same time. The complete design and very high finish level of this screw conveyor is according to the Van Beek Hypreme concept. This concept has been developed for applications that require a very high finish level. By grinding the stainless steel plate work and the welds very finely and then also water jetting it is given a very smooth surface which reduces the
07.07.2009  |  7028x  |  Press release  | 
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