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Industrial vacuum cleaners
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Industrial vacuum cleaners


Herding GmbH Filtertechnik
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New Nilfisk-CFM White Line vacs When Performance and Hygiene meet Design
New Nilfisk-CFM White Line vacs
When Performance and Hygiene meet Design Nilfisk-CFM introduces four new models tailored on the manufacturers’ requests: innovative safety solutions, smooth design and special functions. In September 2012 Nilfisk-CFM will launch the new industrial vacuums range for chemical-pharmaceutical, food, packaging and OEMs. Nilfisk-CFM VHW industrial vacuums meet market and customer’ requirements for the collection of dust in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging and OEM industries. The main benefits of this range are: • total hygiene • total safety • total silence • total reliability These 4 new models will be followed by other models that will complete the range, let’s discover them. Model VHW310 (1,5 kW threephase) is the best onboard vacuum, designed to be integrated into automatic machines, it is small, powerful and can work continuously (24/7), a real industrial vacuum that can increase the efficiency of automatic machines. Model VHW311 (1,5 kW threephase) is completely
26.09.2012  |  6378x  |  Product news  |   | 
Micron Cleaning Station
Micron Cleaning Station
The Micron Cleaning Station is a unique cleaning system and will add a new dimension to the concept of cleaning. Designed by industrial air technical engineers it can handle the toughest cleaning jobs with ease. Especially in the recycling industry where a lot of dust is created due to demolishing and de- assembly operations. Suction By using a unique 3-stage separation this system is suitable for picking up pieces of coarse components such as vegetables, chips, small metals, liquids and particulate matter up to 1 micron, without immediately blockage of the filter. This a constant and strong suction power all the time. Blowing Beside suction cleaning, this system can be turned in a second into a powerful blower. With our special lance blowing speeds of 300 km per hour can be achieved. This is similar as blowing a compressed air pistol, only more powerful by a multitude of air volume. With the Micron Cleaning Station you can first blow-off dust and pieces
29.04.2011  |  6124x  |  Product news  | 
New series Nilfisk-CFM three phase vacs New series industrial basic vacs
New series Nilfisk-CFM three phase vacs
New series industrial basic vacs Mod. T22 is a mobile Industrial vac for liquid&solid materials. Its available with a 100L or 50L capacity bin as well as with a Gravity Unload system (GU) for disposal Bag. The variants with HEPA filter, with M Class primary filter or with cyclone plate already mounted are available as well. Thanks to its high performances, mod. T22 is the ideal industrial 3ph vac for the general cleaning in all kind of industry. It can run for many hours without requiring maintenance thanks to its very silent and reliable side channel blower. The lower position of the blower gives it a great stability even when moving on rough floors. An handle runs all around the machine allowing to pull or push it from a working place to another one. A L class filter is fitted on mod. T22 as standard but an M filter version is available as well when fine dust have to be removed. Furthermore the manual filter shaker guarantees a perfect efficiency of the filtration. A version with a HEPA filter
16.11.2010  |  5284x  |  Product news  | 
2 & 3 motors Single Phase Industrial Vac.  New basic industrial vacs
2 & 3 motors Single Phase Industrial Vac.
New basic industrial vacs S2B&S3B are very simple 1ph industrial vacs, ideal for the metalworking industry where metal chips mixed with oil/coolant have to be removed from machine tools. The version FM is recommended for the collection of fine dust as in the B&C field. In such case a Hepa filter KIT can be added as OPTION S2B is fitted with 2 indipendent`by-pass` motors and available with a 50L bin. Mod. S3B has 3 indipendent `by-pass` motors and is available in 50 L or 100L bin. They are both made of metal plate. The manual filter shaker ensures a good efficiency of the filter and the release container system allows to empty the bin without disassembling the other parts of the vac.
22.09.2010  |  4590x  |  Product news  | 
T30s the new three fase vac of Nilfisk-CFM A powerfull basic vac for industrial applications
T30s the new three fase vac of Nilfisk-CFM
A powerfull basic vac for industrial applications T30S is a Basic Very Low End three-phase vac especially designed for take-off countries. Its available with a 100L or 50L capacity bin and as well as with a Gravity Unload system (GU) with plastic or Longopac® disposal Bag. The target is the industry as metal-working, food, building&construction. Thanks to its lateral channel blower placed on the bottom of the chassis, this model is easy and safe to manoeuvre. Its compact design makes mod. T30S suitable for narrow spaces. T30S comes in three main versions: the T30S L100, with a 100 L capacity bin ; the T30S L50, with a 50 L one and the T30S GU FM that mounts instead of the metal bin a gravity unload device with a hopper where a simple plastic bag or a more sofisticated Longopac® system can be fitted. The collected material falls inside the disposal bag once the vac is off. A clappet opens allowing the material to fall down. Mod. T30S GU FM apart the gravity unload device has as default an M Class primary filter
18.06.2010  |  6128x  |  Product news  | 
Central vacuum cleaning system for industrial applications
Central vacuum cleaning system for industrial applications
Dust accumulation and work regulations concerning explosion safety and cleaning on the work floor often present a major challenge for companies. Last year a world player in the petrochemical industry was confronted with these issues, and started looking for a solution that could be implemented as a central vacuum cleaning system, as well as a pneumatic conveying system for the removal of residue from several storage facilities. J-TEC analyzed the problem and found the solution within its own standard production supply. The central vacuum cleaning unit was designed with J-TEC’s standard separator in mind. This separator was then equipped with all the required safety precautions, in accordance with Atex guidelines. The product to be conveyed has a minimum ignition energy of 1 millijoule. The installation enables the operator to do the vacuum cleaning at different points in an area with several polyolefin compound production lines. This cleaning process takes place
12.02.2007  |  7044x  |  Product news  | 
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