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Dilute phase, overpressure pneumatic transport
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Dilute phase, overpressure pneumatic transport
Dilute phase, underpressure pneumatic transport  
Dilute phase, overpressure pneumatic transport


AMP - AHSK industries-AMMAG GmbH Schüttguttechnik, Sprühgranulation
Surplus Select - GebrauchtmaschinenTBMA EUROPE B.V.
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Automatic Sack Discharge and Extruder Feeding System Turnkey Solutions for Plastics Industry
Automatic Sack Discharge and Extruder Feeding System
Turnkey Solutions for Plastics Industry Polimak has succesfully finished a turnkey polyethylene handling project for a global composite manufacturer. Client's demand was to achieve a seamless bulk material handling solution from raw material delivery to feeding point of production line. Project incorporated automatic sack discharging system, pneumatic conveying system, stainless steel storage silos and extruder feeding system. All components of the system were controlled from a central PLC system for fully automatic operation. The core component of the project was automatic bag discharge system which enables bulk materials coming from sacks to be unloaded in an efficient and safe way saving manpower, time and operational costs. 15 to 50 kg bags on plastic or wooden pallets are placed on belt conveyor of the system together with pallet by forklift. Conveyor moves the pallet to the bag lifting unit. The automatic gripping system grips the bags on the top with pneumatically driven claws. And moves them horizontally
15.10.2019  |  1349x  |  Product news  | 
Stainless steel pipe bends for pneumatic conveyors immediately, ex stock
Stainless steel pipe bends for pneumatic conveyors
immediately, ex stock radius 75 mm - 1500 mm / diameter 38.0 - 206.0 mm, Highly wear-resistant double-skin pipe bends - stainless steel, Hva niro highly wear-resistant pipe bends, pipe couplings and pipe bends for pneumatic conveying systems
14.02.2019  |  10991x  |  Photo reportage  | 
AMMAG: Granulating, coating and gentle conveying
with the new laborscale-granulator A-WT25 and the pneumatic dense phase conveying system TPA The Austrian plant engineering and construction company AMMAG is specialised on spray granulation / coating and bulk material handling (conveying, silos, big bags, dosing and weighing). Own test plants in lab and pilot scale are used to test all process steps and to develop new products together with the customers. Toll manufacturing of these joint developments is possible, too. AMMAG has developed and constructed a novel laborscale spraygranulator A-WT 25. Air supply/-heating station and process-modul are designed in sparate units. Favorable design and a well elaborated plant concept, makes the A-WT 25 multi-purpose and in conformity with ATEX. The granulator can be operated in top - or bottom spray mode with different positions for the nozzels. An up-to-date control- and visualization system and changeable granulation-baskets for different batch-sizes give additional advantages to the user. Thus, first feasibility studies and small productions in the field
09.08.2005  |  19009x  |  Product news
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