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14.02.2013  |  13266x
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Haver Industrial Screens

Square and rectangular wire mesh cloth

The standard is already cutting edge.

Haver & Boecker stocks a wide range of standard wire mesh as to ISO 14 315 and ISO 9044, which therefore allows customers to find the right mesh for the job at hand.

Square mesh wire cloth.

Whenever precise cut sizes for loose materials are required or whenever long particles need to be screened, it is essential to use rectangular opening mesh.
For processing coarser loose materials, the type of weaving determines the screening behaviour.
Wire mesh pre-crimped on both sides, e.g. DOKA weave and DOKA mesh, causes good rotation of the screened material because of its rough three-dimensional surface. The material has much greater chances of falling through the mesh openings and thus leading to successful screening. Moreover, the fine particles are brought to the screen surface more quickly, which accelerates the entire screening process. The faster the fine particles are screened out, the more screen area is left for screening out critical incorrect size particles.
For especially heavy and abrasive materials, the upper tips of the crimped wire can wear out more quickly than the other parts of the wire mesh. This effect is eliminated by the EGLA mesh, which is smooth on one side. The smooth surface provides a uniform wear over the entire screen deck. However, on sloped screening machines, the smooth surface has a negative impact on screening efficiency. The material flows more quickly over the surface. Fine particles make their way to the screen surface more slowly, and all particles have less of a chance of passing through the screen. For this reason EGLA mesh should be used only on horizontal vibrating screens whenever processing difficult-to-screen materials.

Rectangular mesh screen.

When working with round or cubic type particles, a rectangular or long opening mesh is the best option. Its relatively large, open screen area leads to high performance with a low tendency for clogging. If the long opening is parallel to the material flow, then a high throughput is the result. If it is perpendicular to the material flow, a more exact cut size is achieved. The greater the ratio of length to width, the more flexible the woven mesh becomes, and thus the self-cleaning effect is enhanced.

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