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Ribbon mixers
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Efficient Mixing - Complete Discharge with ComDisc®
Efficient Mixing - Complete Discharge with ComDisc®
If the creation of ideal mixing goods is intended, most certainly all kinds of mixers on the market are able to handle the task. If furthermore a complete discharge is needed, the choice is a lot smaller. amixon® has developed a solution for those high requirements: the process is called “ComDisc”, as a short form for complete discharge. It is a new system providing a carry out of the mixing good up to 99,997% and more. The working principle: The lower mixer arm is fitted with one or more wings. During mixing the system moves into the shadow of the flow and turns to the rear. As the filling level decreases, the ComDisc® elements turn in the direction of rotation and gently scrape the mixture residues towards the outlet. The gadget does not touch the floor of the mixer. Together with the SinConvex® Technology, it is possible to reach a nearly complete discharge of the mixer. The carry out of the mixing good happens without segregation, cleaning times can be
11.07.2011  |  11127x  |  Product news  | 
Blender design compliant to EHEDG
Blender design compliant to EHEDG
Thrust blenders are the most suitable for gentle mixing of products with broad particle size distribution. For a functional-drink-application a ribbon type blender with 3000 litres useful volume was built. The blender has a single shaft. The mixing tools are ribbons, which are arranged screw-like at two circumferences. The inner ribbon with the smaller diameter promotes the product from the centre outward and the outer ribbon again inward. Pushing the ribbons through the bulk product provides the mixing. For application in the foodstuffs industry an EHEDG compliant design is used. The materials of construction were carefully selected and high quality surfaces were realized; furthermore, bolted connections were avoided as far as possible. Special attention was paid to dead-space-free constructions at the discharge, where a metallic sealing was implemented. Since the blender is wet cleaned, it is provided with particularly large openings, which improve the accessibility
20.06.2007  |  14458x  |  Product news  | 
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