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TBMA Europe introduces the new A-serie from Cimbria New Loading shute by TBMA
TBMA Europe introduces the new A-serie from Cimbria
New Loading shute by TBMA It’s a honor for TBMA to launch the new loading Shute, designated as the A-series, from Cimbria Bulk Equipment in the Netherlands and Belgium. The series is developed on request from some Cimbria dealers in order to meet market demands. The A-series combines the versatility and light construction of the standard series with the capacity and durability of the shiploading-series thus covering a gap between the two series. The new series will be an obvious choice in various situations as e.g. when stockpiling coal or wooden pellets in warehouses or for low demanding shiploading tasks. Cimbria believe that this new developed chute series will complete there product range and that the market possibilities will be even bigger in future time. The A-series is available in four models with following capacities: A400: 440m³/hour A500: 700m³/hour A650: 1200m³/hour A800: 1800m³/hour All models can be supplied in steel 37, AISI304 and in hardox, and are available
28.09.2012  |  7626x  |  Product news  | 
Van Aarsens high speed bulk out-loading Fast Bulk Robot with integrated sieve
Van Aarsens high speed bulk out-loading
Fast Bulk Robot with integrated sieve Van Aarsen’s latest development, a X-Y bulk robot with integrated sieve was commissioned in December 2009 in the new bulk out-loading facility of the Boerenbond Deurne in Oirschot, The Netherlands. This newest version of the Van Aarsen bulk robot was designed completely in 3D to optimize the design and the production process. To enable high speed bulk out-loading, the bulk robot is equipped with frequency controlled individual drives for all 8 wheels. In combination with the sturdy construction of the drive frame, this allows the bulk robot to accelerate and de-accelerate rapidly to a speed of 1.25 m/s. The accurate positioning of the bulk robot is achieved by means of laser distance measuring systems. The signals from the laser systems are processed in an integrated PLC control system that is compatible with the factory process control system. Safety features include collision protection, end of track detection, various safety switches and a work platform at
08.04.2010  |  6034x  |  Product news  | 
Robot for automated defolding of octabins
Robot for automated defolding of octabins
Delaere working area expands to be able to serve its clientele as long it stays in its core business. In this way it developed a octabin robot able to defold and present fro production up to 70 telescopic octabins, also the lift bin type, it developed a closing robot to press and close the filled octabins.
07.01.2009  |  4550x  |  Product news  | 
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