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Conical vacuum dryers
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Nordic Drying Conference Copenhagen NDC award 2013
Nordic Drying Conference Copenhagen
NDC award 2013 Hosokawa Micron B.V. received an award for their presentation during the sixth Nordic Drying Conference (NDC) in Copenhagen. In this presentation Hosokawa informed the audience about their latest developments on their proprietary drying equipment and process integrated solutions contribution to sustainable drying processes. The organization committee decided that Hosokawa presented the `Best Dryer Design among the Industries Participating in the NDC 2013`. The NDC 2013 was the sixth dewatering and drying conference organized by the Nordic countries represented by Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. It is held every two years with international participants from 30 Countries. The main purpose of the NDC 2013 is to provide a forum to exchange technical and scientific knowledge on drying and dewatering between the industry, academia, research centers and consulting agencies.
12.11.2013  |  2222x  |  Press release  | 
Vacuum mixer dryer with conical floor For dry, wet and paste-like goods
Vacuum mixer dryer with conical floor
For dry, wet and paste-like goods amixon® is presenting a new generation of vacuum mixer dryers with its AMT series. Machines within the AMT series differ from previous models because of their conical floor form. This floor offers the decisive advantage that complete and automatic self-emptying is achieved with free-flowing material. A further benefit is that even mixing is also achieved in the cone. This is the result of a patented, helical ribbon mixing tool, which creates three-dimensional movement of the goods to be mixed. The goods move upwards at the periphery, while they are moved downwards again in the centre. Not only the mixer itself, but also the helical ribbon, mixing arms and mixing shaft are completely heated. Drying is extremely fast, gentle and even. The tank is vacuum- and pressure proof, which means that pressure-dependent reactions can also be managed. For example, an inert carrier gas can be used for subsequent drying. The AMT mixer dryer reactor is suitable for drying powders,
15.04.2010  |  11493x  |  Product news  | 
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