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02.03.2015  |  9759x
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Simplified Application through stepless Control.

The new HAVER UFA for test sieving of critical materials under 300 µm.

When it comes to particle analysis HAVER & BOECKER offers an extensive range of accessories and peripherals that allow precise and comfortable laboratory work. The HAVER UFA was specially designed for the test sieving of powders involving critical materials with a grain size under 300 µm. The clamping rings are fastened around the sieves to be shaken (for standard sieve diameters of 76.2 mm to 400 mm) so that a transmission of ultrasonic energy over to the test sieve’s screen cloth is enabled. In many cases, compared to classic three-dimensional screening, a significantly improved throughput is achieved through the combination of the laboratory sieve shaker and additional ultrasonic sieving. In some cases sieving is possible for the first time when other processes were needed previously or were not even possible. Sieving time is shortened for most materials because the ultrasonic agitation reduces the friction between the test sieve cloth and the particles.

The new HAVER UFA (Ultrasonic Frequency Variation) for test sieves consists of a clamping ring that is connected to a generator via a converter. This generator converts electrical energy into high frequency energy, which arrives at the clamping ring as mechanical energy via the converter. The sonic waves created by the varying frequencies agitate the sieve frame at high frequencies without interruption. These vibrations are transmitted to the sieve cloth and are uniformly distributed.
By utilizing the new analog generator, a stepless regulation of power from 20 to 100 watts is assured. Also the function of the operating modes is stepless – whether continuous or pulsating.

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