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Product news
12.05.2021  |  3358x
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The autosampler from Bettersize
The autosampler from Bettersize

Particle size analysis - save time with the autosampler

The new autosampler by Bettersize fully automatically dispenses up to 60 samples, whether in the form of a powder or as a pre-dispersed liquid dispersion.
3P Instruments, with over 30 years of expertise in particle characterization, now offers all customers a time-saving way to sample for particle size determination (wet or dry) using laser diffraction. The autosampler can be connected to Bettersizer S3 series models and Bettersizer 2600 and dispenses up to 60 samples. The included barcode printer ensures that results are stored to the appropriate, correct sample. The sampler is cleaned ultrasonically to prevent contamination.

Company information

3P Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
Since the founding of the Quantachrome GmbH in 1990, we stand for the thorough characterization of particles, powders and porous materials. Starting with instrument sales and an initial focus on instrument service and maintenance, we started off with the (at the time) technologically advanced Cilas-Lasergranulometers as well as the pore and surface analyzers from Quantachrome. In 1999 and 2005 we expanded our product portfolio with the leading analytical instruments of Dispersion Technology and Formulaction respectively. Since 2002, our sales of instruments, technical services and contract analysis have continually increased and the number of employees has doubled since then. All instruments offered by us are also available in our scientific application laboratory LabSPA (Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis) for contract analysis. Experienced technicians are at your service for analysis contracts, method development or extensive laboratory projects. The constant expansion of our LabSPA has led to an increase in customers satisfied with our services. A number of companies have already outsourced their quality control into our LabSPA. In 2014 we established our own R&D-department and are now offering our very own series of instruments for mixed gas adsorption and vapor sorption worldwide. Under you can find scientific publications, posters and presentations available for direct download, supplying you with extensive knowledge about measurement capabilities for dynamic sorption methods. The mixSorb-series of instruments (mixed gas and vapor sorption) is Made in Germany and is already in use in Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, Japan and USA, among others. Our R&D-department is constantly evolving throughout these projects and cooperating with a number of research institutions within certain projects. Continuity and reliability in the field of instrument services have been a mainstay of our work and over the course of 30 years it has led to high customer satisfaction overall. This is mainly due to the excellent and sustainable work of our highly qualified service technicians. Professional conduct, flexibility and fast reaction times are the base for our efforts in the service department. We will maintain this level of quality for the future by a constant expansion both in local branches and in the number of technicians as well as regular professional trainings and workshops. Above all else, we will stay true to our motto, that as long as spare parts and technological solutions are available and the customer wishes so, we will repair any instrument, no matter how old, which is in big contrast to a lot of other instrument manufacturers. In the middle of 2018, we began a new chapter in our company history: Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG became 3P Instruments. This change of name came with a restructuring of our portfolio and a distinct internationalization of our company. Our own mixSorb sorption analyzers for mixture sorption and determination of breakthrough curves is now handled by us worldwide and we became the European headquarters for other instrument groups. This is of course posing a challenge, which we are addressing as a team and in close cooperation with our own suppliers and international sales partners.
Last update: 22.10.2021

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