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VPInstruments releases VPCalculator 2.0. choosing the right air flow meter
VPInstruments releases VPCalculator 2.0.
choosing the right air flow meter VPCalculator VPInstruments releases VPCalculator 2.0. With VPCalculator, you can easily select your compressed air flow meter. The VPCalculator offers a simple way of calculating which flow meter you need for your specific application by adding some simple parameters. The software tool can now be used online and it can also be downloaded on your own PC. It features different units, so it can be used in different countries worldwide with the units you are comfortable with. VPCalculator also features a pressure loss calculator, so besides calculating the right flow meter, you also get free advice on the efficiency of your system. You can view and download VPCalculator from our website. When compressed air savings are your goal, let the VPCalculator be your guide.
08.02.2011  |  4835x  |  Product news  | 
The intelligent monitoring solution for your compressed air system: Air vis
AirVision is the first intelligent monitoring solution for your compressed air system. It shows the condition of your system and gives you direct insight in your compressed air consumption, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Furthermore AirVision gives advice on how to improve your system. The heart of the system is a central touch screen that provides an overview of the status and performance of your installation. You can see where optimisation is most rewarding, based on parameters like compressed air consumption, system pressure, dew point, air velocity, leakage and compressor performance. AirVision can be implemented for every compressed air installation. Even when a compressor control system is replaced, AirVision will continue show your measurements and energy efficiency. AirVision is intelligent, it evaluates the quality of your compressed air system and gives tips for improvement. Also AirVision generates monthly reports with an overview of the compressed
11.11.2010  |  4656x  |  Product news
Improved mass flow meter for compressed air VPInstruments makes selecting the right mass flow meter easy
Improved mass flow meter for compressed air
VPInstruments makes selecting the right mass flow meter easy VPInstruments has changed the design of her proprietary flow sensor. Due to this new flow sensor design and a review of our calibration protocol, we offer now our insertion flow meters with one flow range; with good accuracy over the entire flow range. This flow range combines the accuracy in the low flow ranges of the old version with flow range up to 80 mn/sec, with the flow range extension of our model up to 150 mn/sec. The new flow range, 0.5..150 mn /sec, combines all benefits. With only one model you are now equipped for all your compressed air and gas flow measurements. Selecting the right flow meter has never been so easy! Both our VPFlowMate and VPFlowScope mass flow meters are from now on delivered with this new sensor. When required, the 4..20mA output can be scaled to match your application. The VPFlowMate is the industrial mass flow meter for your flow measurements of compressed air and technical gasses. VPFlowScope is the all-in-one instrument that
27.10.2010  |  5100x  |  Product news  | 
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