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06.01.2011  |  17950x
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templine heated hoses from Masterflex AG

Flexible hoses with system

If a medium-carrying link must be movable and easy to extend or replace, hoses and not rigid pipes are the practical choice for that link. If heat losses in the carried medium must be prevented, a combination of hose and electric heating is the ideal solution.

This combination is offered by the novel templine heated-hose system from Masterflex AG. The electric heating’s novel design yields significant savings in energy consumption.

The templine heated-hose system is notable for having several heat conductors, arranged in a spiral round the medium-carrying hose and secured in stable textile braiding. Consequently, a uniform “heat envelope” is formed all round the medium-carrying hose during use.
The temperature differences over the whole length of the hose are extremely slight. With templine heated-hose systems, “hot spots”, i.e. temperature peaks due to uneven heat distribution constituting a hazard particularly in areas where there is a risk of explosion, are ruled out by the system.
Furthermore, all-over coverage of the medium-carrying hose with heating conductors leads demonstrably to an energy saving of up to 30% over conventional heated-hose designs.
The temperature-resistant fabric on the medium-carrying hose, in which the heating cables are incorporated rather like coil springs, makes templine heated hoses exceptionally flexible. Their concentric construction permits more than 1 million bends in all directions in hoses with a nominal diameter of 4 mm to 25 mm. This is attested by long-term studies by independent institutes. Moreover, the materials used have high flexibility and long-term durability.

Templine heated hoses can be combined directly with a thermoregulator (templine-R) or a thermoregulator with an additional safety temperature limiter (templine-B).

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