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Product news
22.09.2022  |  77x
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Prevent waste with Somsix sensors and smart monitoring

Masterpack and Somsix developed smart sensors for non-invasive monitoring the closed environment (Modified Atmosphere) inside big bags.
Keeping an eye on what is happening inside a bag after it’s been filled is crucial to the success of Modified Atmosphere, but it also prevents waste and adds to sustainability. But with Modified Atmosphere being what it is (a closed environment) it is hard to track the state of the atmosphere without damaging it. That’s why we developed in close cooperation with Somsix smart sensors for non-invasive monitoring. Let’s look at some of the solutions we offer.
The challenge: keep the oxygen levels inside the Big Bag below 1% at all times, and monitor this frequently – which is impossible when opening the bag.
The solution: non-invasive sensors that measure every 6 hours and send data to an easy-to-use dashboard.

Somsix sensors and monitoring categories

MA Sensors for FIBCs - We created patented applied sensors for remote monitoring of oxygen, temperature and humidity. They enable you to have 100% control of your bags, even remotely, helping you to prevent waste and be in charge of your supply chain.
All of your FIBCs are equipped with patented sensor caps that constantly measure and monitor their status. LoRa gateways guarantee safe and accurate data transfer from all bags to your screen.

Your options:

  • Universal sensors
    Our universal sensor collects a wide range of data and can be used for almost any kind of packaging. They are customizable to your needs, to deliver you the most accurate tracking and data. We can tailor it to fit specific types of packaging. Last but not least, the LoRa gateways and complementary port allows for both remote data and accurate analysis
  • Basic manual probes
    We always recommend using remote sensors to gain 100% control of packaging and prevent waste. We understand, though, that some basic manual measurement may be necessary to get started. That’s why we also offer basic manual measurement probes.
They come with robust and easy-to-use buttons and features to make it easy to get your readings. You’ll be able to collect basic data on oxygen, temperature and humidity.

Extra safe: certificates for added safety and value

An additional feature of the Somsix Sensors is that they enable you to easily create certificates. These will provide information to handlers throughout their journey, so they can handle the products in the best way possible.
You can do this by creating departure and arrival certificates. These certificates not only provide an accurate status of the atmosphere, but they also give a storage history.

The process explained

  1. Fill the FIBC into Somsix liners closed by the MA 125 cap
  2. Create the Modified Atmosphere
  3. Seal the bag with Somsix orange sensor Cap
  4. Scan the bag ID barcode (or enter the bag ID number manually into the portal)
  5. Link to the sensor on the bag at a click of a button
  6. Instantly get the first Bag ID data readout on Oxygen, Temperature & Humidity
  7. Measurements are sent to your dashboard every 6 hours

Getting started with non-invasive monitoring

We created the sensors to make them easy to use by anyone. They can be swiftly installed into your production process, thanks to our dedicated activation services. It helps your team hit the ground running, both the operational team and packaging line. That way you experience the least amount of downtime possible and reap the most benefits.
After having the sensors installed, you will be able to use them fully instantly. Operators won’t need lengthy training, and the Somsix team is always available to show you how to use the equipment in the best way possible.
Want to know more about the benefits and practical solutions we offer? Check out all the information on the Somsix website.

Company information

Masterpack Group BV
Masterpack Group BV
Masterpack Group is a leading developer in high-end packaging solutions. With nearly 100 years of experience, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by choosing not to be a “one size fits all” producer. From the most delicate products in the food- and pharmaceutical industry to the extremes in materials and conditions in mining and chemicals: we are able to pack and protect it. With our FIBC’s and service we create the opportunity for you to pack and transport your products. Working with the Masterpack Group entails that this can be done in the most efficient and responsible way. The safety and quality of your products is our main concern. That’s why we work in state-of-the-art clean rooms with the corresponding certification: Class 10,000 for liner production and Class 100,000 FIBC confection. Additionally, we have fully integrated production facilities and secluded loading and packaging areas for optimal safety measures. Our certifications in a nutshell: * ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 * BRC, AIB * GMP, HACCP, HALAL * SA8000, SEDEX * Class 10,000 liner production * Class 100,000 FIBC confection NEW: FIBC Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology The M-A-P technology provides the ability to customize the O2, N2, or CO2 set-point levels within the filled (FIBC/Big Bag/Super Sack) to the desired levels. These benefits include extended shelf-life, higher quality product, no need for chemicals for pest control. Want to know more? Check our website.
Last update: 20.06.2021

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