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17.04.2007  |  16262x
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Industrial wire screens for all types of vibrating screens

Screen Frames with pre-tensioned sieve cloth and screens with hook strips

Quality of sieving material, screen analysis, type of screen as well as conditions and aims of working process are decisive for the choice of the suitable screen lining.
For more than 100 years THE HAVER SCREENING GROUP has been producing tailor-made screen linings for every common screen type:
• from woven wire screens, self-cleaning harp screens, perforated plates up to rubber screens and polyurethane systems
• single or multiple layer screens with hook strips for end or side tensioning, reinforced by polyurethane strips or PE supporting elements (optional), protection of longitudinal sides in different executions (optional)
• screen frames with pre-tensioned sieve cloth for round or rectangular screens - frames made of steel or stainless steel profiles
• tensioning service, i.e. re-screening of used or damaged frames up to a diameter of 2,650 mm or a dimension of 2,650 x 3,100 mm for rectangular frames.

The quality of a screen lining does not only influence the quality of the screening result but also service life and operation costs.
Therefore Haver & Boecker is using its own sieve cloth in order to be able to control the quality of this important screen component.
As one of the leading wire weaving companies in the world Haver & Boecker produces high-precise sieve cloth of nearly every material of which metal weaving wires can be drawn.
Sieve cloth with openings of 0.025 mm up to 100 mm in accordance with ISO 3310, 14315 and 9044 are produced.

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