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Press release
08.04.2020  |  3599x
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Roller gates and seal tite diverters handling coffee beans

Handling: Coffee Beans, Green and Roasted

Location: Coffee Supplier & Distributor

Application: Roller Gates and Three-Way Seal Tite Diverters were implemented in a conveying system to support the movement of green and roasted coffee beans.

Features: The customer is currently only using the middle outlet of the Seal Tite Diverters. The two outside legs are blanked off for future expansion if necessary.

The Roller Gates feature Infinite Variable Positioners (IVPs) to allow material flow control capabilities on both the opening and closing strokes. IVPs are highly accurate. When automated, the IVP can actuate in increments of +/- 2%. When manually controlled, the IVP can actuate in increments of +/- 4%.

Both products are serviceable while in-line allowing for ease of maintenance and minimal downtime.

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Coffee Roasting Plant assisted by Vortex Slide Gates
Coffee Roasting Plant assisted by Vortex Slide Gates
Several years ago, Adams Industrievertretungen – a representative agent for Vortex Global – was approached by a systems group to discuss a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) opportunity. This particular systems group specializes in the design and construction of roasters and other coffee processing systems. Typically, this systems group would construct their own simple gate valves for use in their coffee roasting systems. But after attending an exhibition where Vortex products were on display, they became interested in Vortex design. In particular, they were impressed with the Orifice Gate. With that, the systems group contacted Adams Industrievertretungen to request a trial order of Vortex Orifice Gates, to be integrated within their coffee roasting systems. Quantity: 2 Vortex Orifice Gates • Size: 200 mm • Designed for indoor service • Gate body constructed from painted carbon steel • Gate blade & material contact areas constructed from
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Roller Gates Assist in the Production of Horse Feed
Roller Gates Assist in the Production of Horse Feed
Last spring, Vortex consulted with a horse feed producer to assist with a process need. At this facility, the client is producing forage cubes. Upstream in the process, bales of hay are broken down and minor ingredients are added before the raw materials are formed into cubes (approximate size: 75 – 100 mm square). Once formed, the cubes are transferred into cloth silos. Below each silo, a common belt conveyor transfers forage cubes to a packaging line, where they are loaded into bulk bags. Vortex was tasked with identifying a solution for discharging forage cubes out of the cloth silos, down onto the belt conveyor. Primarily, the client is concerned with forage cube quality and thus, the cubes cannot be damaged upon gate closure. Upon careful analysis of the application, the Vortex Roller Gate was recommended. The client sourced this small-batch order as part of the “proofing” stage of its new production process. Now installed in their application,
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Vortex Seal Tite Diverter Handles Pet Food Kibbles
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A pet food manufacturer needed to divert kibble dry food from a feeder into one of two disc conveyors, which transports the kibbles to the packaging line. Vortex engineered several 254mm Seal Tite Diverters constructed from stainless steel for the pet food company. The four Vortex Seal Tite Diverters feature a removable access door that allows inspection, maintenance and repairs to be performed without removing the diverter from service. The Seal Tite Diverters also feature removable parts. For return-on-investment purposes, this feature is beneficial because it allows for the replacement of worn parts, rather than full diverter replacement. The Seal Tite Diverters are designed so that the leading edge of the blade actuates into a recessed area. This protects the blade’s seals from the material flow stream, which would otherwise cause them to wear and allow material leakage into the closed diverter leg. The client is very pleased with the performance
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