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Type: Industry meeting + symposium
Duration: 1 day
Date: 13.06.2024
Place: Würzburg

Entry: paid

All around filtration

Industry meeting + symposium

The network for & with experts from the filter technology industry

At All around filtration you will receive informative and practical presentations on the following topics:
  • Efficient valve control - pneumatic / electromagnetic design & comparison
  • Explosion protection of filter systems and avoidance of ATEX zones
  • Optimised filter control with dynamic cleaning parameters - is that possible?
  • The variety of industrial needle felt filter media and their application limits
  • Design of pressure accumulators - What to look out for?

12 June 2024 Excursion & get together in Würzburg

Plant tour MHKW Würzburg; Register for the guided tour through the MHKW Würzburg and get insights from the start-up hall to the fabric filter and the turbine hall.
Programme: During the approx. 2-hour guided tour by plant manager Klaus Kohnle, you will gain interesting insights. We start with a short introduction and information about the site and the plant in the information centre. We then move on to the start-up hall, the bunker and the crane cabin. Next, we walk through the boiler from top to bottom, including the fabric filter and the turbine hall. During the tour, there will of course also be time for your personal questions.

13 June 2024 Filter technology symposium

Discuss with experts from the filter technology and automation industry. You can expect interesting and informative presentations with practical relevance and technically intelligent solutions for all aspects of dedusting technology.

Event organizer

AXXERON HESCH electronics GmbH
AXXERON HESCH electronics GmbH
We have been developing and producing control and automation components for over 47 years and have extensive knowledge and experience in industrial network technology (fieldbus technology). In addition, our approximately 90 employees develop and manufacture control systems, measuring devices and control cabinets for the cleaning process of industrial filter systems. Solutions for dedusting technology Filter control systems from AXXERON HESCH are used either for automated jet pulse cleaning by means of compressed air blasts or mechanical vibration cleaning (shaker filters) in industrial dedusting systems. From small controllers for bunker top filters and industrial extractors to large filter system controllers such as those used in cement and power plants - we have a wide range of products and offer the right product for every application. * Simple installation and fast commissioning * Flexible installation - supplied in a compact housing or in a standard rail version * For controlling 1-1024 valves * In ATEX zone 22 (dust) and approved for outdoor operation Control systems from HESCH feature valve monitoring, cyclical cleaning and post-cleaning. We also supply products for efficient differential pressure-controlled cleaning, which extend the service life of the filter media through optimised cleaning intervals and increase energy efficiency through lower compressed air consumption. Dedusting systems can be used in a variety of industrial environments, which can differ greatly in terms of their requirements and conditions. Reason enough to contact a professional for valve control when planning a filter system. The use of a HESCH valve control system makes sense both for new systems and for retrofitting existing fabric filter systems.
Last update: 03.05.2024


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