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Blending silos, pneumatic
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Blending silos, mixing silos


Daxner GmbH
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J-Tec designs mixing  installation for difficult product Prefabricated installation for North Africa
J-Tec designs mixing installation for difficult product
Prefabricated installation for North Africa Being part of Katoen Natie, a world leader when it comes to port activities, logistics and semi-industrial services, has its advantages. Katoen Natie has over 4.8 million m² of warehouses located throughout 25 countries, worldwide. As a member of this international player, we’re able to use its facilities for the benefit of our projects. For example: A manufacturer asked us to engineer and build a blending line in a North-African country. The installation consists out of 4 main parts: dry material handling, CIP, kneading and bagging. Our know-how about how to treat the given product, combined with our experience in international projects, was decisive for awarding us this contract. The dry material handling level consists out of a bag discharging station, a mixer and a pneumatic conveying line equipped with a metal detection system. The conveying line feeds a loss in weight feeder installed above a kneader. Next to the dry handling ap¬plication we also
17.09.2013  |  6255x  |  Product news  | 
Blender design compliant to EHEDG
Blender design compliant to EHEDG
Thrust blenders are the most suitable for gentle mixing of products with broad particle size distribution. For a functional-drink-application a ribbon type blender with 3000 litres useful volume was built. The blender has a single shaft. The mixing tools are ribbons, which are arranged screw-like at two circumferences. The inner ribbon with the smaller diameter promotes the product from the centre outward and the outer ribbon again inward. Pushing the ribbons through the bulk product provides the mixing. For application in the foodstuffs industry an EHEDG compliant design is used. The materials of construction were carefully selected and high quality surfaces were realized; furthermore, bolted connections were avoided as far as possible. Special attention was paid to dead-space-free constructions at the discharge, where a metallic sealing was implemented. Since the blender is wet cleaned, it is provided with particularly large openings, which improve the accessibility
20.06.2007  |  14458x  |  Product news  | 
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