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Air classifiers
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Eskens presents the Air Classifier RHEWUM ABX The high energy air classifier
Eskens presents the Air Classifier RHEWUM ABX
The high energy air classifier With the ABX classifier we were able to improve again the already very sharp dividing classifier type AWR! These enormously divisive sharp separators can be used due to their modular construction for most requirements. Rhewum high efficiency separator are the result of years of experience and development. A CFD simulation of the expected particle flow made it possible to design a very high dust loading up to 700 g/Nm3 and to achieve a pressure drop of only 9-12 mbar at a sharp separating classification. Furthermore, the material transport has been simplified: As a top loader one or two feeding points are enough, depending on the frame size, to disperse the feed safely. The finely by the rotor devided material then falls directly into the separation chamber, which is located between the air guide vanes and the classifying rotor. This ensures that the housing is not subject to blast wear. The rapidly rotating classifier wheel with his strips is made of wear-resistant
16.07.2013  |  6595x  |  Product news  |   | 
Vibrating air separator airvibe 2 separates recycling materials
Vibrating air separator airvibe 2
separates recycling materials APPLICATION: The JOEST AirVibe 2 – Vibratory Air Separator provides a coarse separation of inhomogeneous, mostly dry recycling material with a maximum particle size of 300 mm (12 inches). The material mix is separated by different densities, shapes and surface characteristics into the desired product groups. The unique combination of multistage ballistic and cross flow air separation ensures a very high degree of separation. This opens up new ways in the processing and separation in the recycling industry. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION: The AirVibe 2 is vibrating with a linear stroke using 2 unbalanced motors. This motion is important for the transport, fluidization and even distribution of the infeed material. An adjustable air knife, positioned at the end of the impact area blows through the material stream. Light material particles like paper, plastic and card board are blown into the expansion room of the AirVibe 2 and discharged at the light material fraction
01.05.2013  |  6781x  |  Product description  | 
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