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28.09.2017  |  9412x
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FKM 600D Ploughshare® batch mixer
FKM 600D Ploughshare® batch mixer

FKM 600D Ploughshare® batch mixer

Mixing bulk goods

Whether the material you need to process is powdered, granular or fibrous, when it comes to the preparation of bulk materials, FKM series Ploughshare® batch mixers from Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH is the perfect equipment. The Paderborn-based mixing experts are presenting the FKM 600D at the POWTECH 2017 show. The machine allows excellent mixing results to be achieved in a very short time - with a high level of batch reproducibility. A low-maintenance mixer concept and easy access to the mixer’s inner parts guarantee maximum availability.

The Ploughshare® mixer uses the mechanically generated fluid bed process developed by Lödige. Special mixing tools are arranged systematically on a shaft to achieve a three-dimensional movement of the mixing material. Thanks to this intensive yet gentle product movement, bulk products can be mixed extremely quickly and evenly.

Depending on the mixing application, various equipment options are available for the mixers of the FKM series. Thus, the mixing performance of the mixing elements can also be supported by separately driven, high-speed rotating chopper heads. These combine with the mixing tools to enable the dispensing of agglomerates, as well as targeted granulation during the process.
Further equipment options include a jacked drum and side walls and a hollow shaft for heating or cooling if required. Lödige also offers various options for adding liquids. The optimum solution depends on the application and recipe-specific requirements. It is also possible to prepare products suitable for pumping. In addition, the mixer can be equipped with highly durable surfaces, high-strength structural steels, stainless steels and special materials.

Depending on the production volume and the application in hand, machine sizes between 130 liters for small batches and 30,000 liters for large production projects are available. Smaller machines with capacities between 5 and 50 liters are also available for laboratory applications. Typical mixing times for dry recipes are about 1-3 min. One of the advantages of Lödige Ploughshare® mixers is that these mixing times vary little between the various machine sizes. The mixer is fed from above. In smaller, mainly manually operated mixers this involves a large manual access point. In the case of automated production systems, the raw materials come from upstream silos, scales or similar dosing equipment and arrive in the mixer via one or more pipes. The mixer is discharged from the bottom of the drum.

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