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09.02.2016  |  15411x
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Master-PUR L-F Trivolution
Master-PUR L-F Trivolution

Master-PUR L-F Trivolution - Novelty

A new premium product for use in simple extraction applications

You need quality but have a limited budget? Don’t worry; our new Master-PUR L-F Trivolution is exactly what you are looking for! This very competitively priced, super lightweight film hose made of polyurethane has been specifically designed for use in straightforward extraction applications.

An optimal combination of materials with improved production techniques have resulted in the generation of this new product - the Master-PUR L-F Trivolution. The blend of materials used ensures that it remains permanently antistatic in terms of standard DIN EN ISO 8031:2010-04 and exhibits the microbe-resistant and flame-retardant characteristics specified in DIN 4102 B1. Because of its antistatic properties, it can also be used in applications covered by German health and safety regulation TRBS 2153. The hose additionally complies with all criteria specified in standard DIN 26057 that will shortly come into force.

With its three characteristic properties, it represents the entry level product among the already established and popular ’Trivolution’ tubing series. In comparison with the heavier tubing versions in this series, it offers a much lighter wall system with a thickness between spirals of just 0.4 mm.

”In the case of less complex extraction processes, no major demands are placed on the material used. A simple system that does everything required and is moreover cost-effective is all that is needed,” explains Christian Horstkötter, Sales Director Spiral Tubing at Masterflex SE. ”Our Master-PUR L-F Trivolution is an entry level product in premium quality that our customers can rely on to do a good job.”

The L-F Trivolution can be used for the conveyance of fine-grained particles, such as dust and powder, for the extraction of liquid and gaseous media and also for oil mist removal. It can even be employed as a protection against mechanical stresses.
Because of its lightweight structure, it is highly flexible (1:5), has minimal bend radii and is easy to handle.

Anyone seeking a simple, practicable but reliable solution for use in a non-complex application cannot go wrong with Master-PUR L-F Trivolution - a premium product made in Germany and a part of the Masterflex tubing range.
Masterflex has thus extended its product mix to include a hose that brings together cost-efficiency and process safety for use in non-complex extraction applications.

Master-PUR L-F Trivolution is now available in various standard lengths from our warehouse.

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