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29.05.2015  |  25702x
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Feuchtemessung - ein Muss in der Holzindustrie

increasing quality – increasing efficiency – saving money

The field of application for wood is extremely varied. Using wood as a renewable energy source is one of the fastest growing application area for wood. In this kind of timber industry wood is processed in quiet different ways. A few examples for usable material- or transport forms are wood-chips, wood-pellets, wood-shavings or sawdust. To reach a highly effective combustion in the wood-burning ovens a moisture measurement is absolutely essential. On one hand a moisture measurement is able to measure the exact residual moisture in the material. The quality of all produced wooden bulk-materials increases highly by using a moisture measurement. And on the other hand there is also the possibility to raise the efficiency of a plant through optimizing cost-intensive drying- and irrigation processes.

A very important aspect by installing a moisture measurement sensor is a well conceived mounting position in the production plant. Every production plant has its own individual character, so an intensive consulting is advisable.

ACO – moisture measurement systems
Premium quality from black forest

The ACO moisture measurement systems were developed especially for measuring directly in the production processes (online measurement). To reach a wide range of many different applications ACO offers two sensor systems (DMMS and AMMS). The digital moisture measurement system “DMMS” from ACO is based on the capacitive measuring principle. The heart of the system is the golden sensor in a robust housing. The sensor is able to measure through the material up to a depth of 150mm depending on the wooden material.

The digital moisture measurement system (DMMS) is offered as an all-in-one system. On each evaluation unit (DIGYSIS) 16 sensors can be connected. The communication in the system works via Profibus DP standard communication. Additionally the system is able to provide the signal in the traditional 0V…10V or 4mA…20mA analog output signal. Through the ACO calibration software the system can be calibrated easily and quickly. It is possible to set up 16 different materials per sensor.

Beside the digital moisture measurement system ACO offers their recently developed “AMMS” system. The “AMMS sensor” is a compact sensor that has the possibility to calibrate via software too or even adjust the values via turn-switch directly on the sensor (well-known two point calibration). There is the possibility to set up 10 calibration points. The averaging of the moisture values is also adjustable. The AMMS Sensor will be integrated directly in the production plant without an evaluation unit. The communication between the sensor and the plant is realized by a standard 0V…10V or a 4mA…20mA output signal.

To operate a production plant efficient and with a high quality output the mounting situation of a moisture measurement is one of the main points in the planning period. Especially by producing wood chips, pellets or sawdust it is important to guarantee a constant material flow and always the same material height and density above the sensor.

One of many developments from ACO is the “SFM 1 - compaction unit“. An electronically-pneumatically controlled cylinder is compacting the wooden material. The result is a high reproducibility of the measured values. The “SFM 1” unit suit perfectly for measuring wood shavings and sawdust. It was developed for installation situations on transition points, especially for mounting in a free material fall.

If an installation in a free material fall is not possible, ACO offers a further solution. The “SFM 4 screw conveyor” removes the material via screw conveyor directly out of the production process and led it back into process after the moisture measurement.

In many producing plants some moisture measuring possibilities already exists. The ACO sensor can be integrated in an existing screw conveyor as well. Further options for installing a moisture measurement is in silos or above conveyor belts.

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Latest News - ACO AMMS Sensor for measuring bulk goods
“all-in-one”: direct measuring – digital processing – analogue output A clever combination of approved measuring systems, long-term experience and close cooperation with clients, ACO developed a new sensor generation: AMMS. With this new Analogue Moisture Measuring Sensor ACO offers a compact sensor suitable for nearly all bulk goods, granules, powders, mixtures, paste-like materials and substances from various industrial fields. This most convincing high quality sensor is equipped with user-friendly calibration by calibration software. Multi calibration up to 10 calibration points is possible. Calibration directly in process is a big advantage. For easier handling calibration directly at the sensor is possible as well. The measuring range or average value can be adjusted conveniently directly at the sensor. The output of measuring value is made by analogue output signal 4…20mA. All electronics are embedded as usual in robust durable stainless steel housing with highly resistant ceramic disc. Due to its identical dimensions
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ACO moisture sensor in PM1 sample taker
Application: ACO moisture measuring instruments for bulk solids (granulates) Properties: Defined dumping height for ideal on-line moisture measurement The ACO sensor is integrated in the ”cup” of PN1 Long-lasting, pneumatic rotary drive Automatic cleaning of the sensor surface Optional: turnkey control cabinet for triggering sampler Versions: PN1 is available for all sensors of the ACO sensor family If required, the sampler can be manufactured as well integrated in e.g. a part of a drop shaft. The PN1 Sampler has to be mounted in a free fall situation, e.g. in a drop shaft. A part of the falling down bulk good is trapped in the cup. The bottom of this cup consists of the measuring surface of the ACO moisture measuring sensor. After enough material has been trapped, the residual moisture can be determined and finally that cup will be dumped. For cleaning the sensor an air nozzle has been integrated. The defined measuring height enables precise measuring results.
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ACO moisture sensor in SFM1 compaction unit ACO moisture measurement for biomass like wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings
ACO moisture sensor in SFM1 compaction unit
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04.09.2008  |  17318x  |  Press release  | 

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