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05.11.2009  |  16307x
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New hose series for potentially explosive atmospheres acc. to TRBS 2153, Is

Masterflex AG has recently launched a brand-new "A" hose series that complies with TRBS 2153

The Masterflex AG has recently launched a brand-new “A” hose series that complies with TRBS (Technical Rule for Operational Safety) 2153. Some of the well-tried Masterflex standard hose types have met the requirements lined out in the new directive years before it came into effect. The new “A” series products such as Master-PUR L-A or some hose types for the food industry will further complement the range of applications compliant to TRBS 2153.

The new technical rule which became effective in April 2009 replaces BGR 132 and introduces new criteria for wire-reinforced hoses used in potentially explosive atmosphere zones.

One of the major changes induced by TRBS 2153 is the classification of bulk materials into two categories:

1. combustible bulk materials

2. non-combustible bulk materials

Provisions and procedures concerning the transport of non-combustible bulk goods have basically remained the same. Yet, this is not true for the transport of combustible bulk materials given the fact that TRBS 2153 sets higher requirements in terms of electrostatic properties/conductivity of the materials used.

If wire-reinforced hoses are to be employed in Zone 0/20, the user is required to carry out a specific hazard analysis. As before, it is recommended not to use hoses other than static dissipative models with a surface resistivity of < 10 to the 6 ohms.

As to Zone 1/21, requirements have been tightened. Recommendations are to employ antistatic hoses with a surface resistivity of < 10 to the 9 ohms to convey combustible bulk goods.

As compared to the previous regulation, the new technical rule does not introduce any significant changes as to Zone 2.

It should be noted that TRBS 2153 is generally considered a mere recommendation. Users may deviate from the given provisions as long as they can prove the effectiveness of their solution.

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