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09.11.2022  |  1463x
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LAS 800 Ex

New fume extractor with increased Ex protection during laser processes

ULT has developed a dedicated version of the LAS 800 extraction system free of ignition sources to increase explosion and fire protection during laser dust extraction.
The all-new LAS 800 Ex was specially designed because ever finer combustible dusts are produced in laser processing due to higher input energies or shorter laser pulses. Therefore, the explosive potential increases with the degree of fineness in the dust.

The ignition source-free device is an externally tested and confirmed solution that safely extracts the finest laser dusts at relatively low investment costs, utilizing H14 HEPA to ensure a separation degree of over 99.995%. Both the suitability for extracting explosive dusts (at the IBExU Institute for Safety Technology, Freiberg/Germany) and the filtration efficiency of the filters (at the Institute for Ventilation and Refrigeration Technology ILK, Dresden/Germany) were assessed. The ignition source-free design of the device ensures that the potential for explosions is eliminated when the LAS 800 Ex is used as intended, and expensive structural explosion protection can therefore be dispensed with.

The LAS 800 Ex can be specifically adapted to the conditions of the customer process with a large variety of options, e.g., 24/7 operation, modern communication standards in production (Profinet or OPC UA), difficult to filter or sticky dust using filter aids, plastic lasers through large gas filter capacity (activated carbon/chemisorption), flexible transport and installation solutions, increased safety requirements, exhaust or recirculation mode, and many others.

The extraction system works extremely quietly and can hardly be heard acoustically, even in quiet factory buildings. It also offers an energy-efficient design with an IE3 fan and suction power that can be regulated as required.

The LAS 800 laser fume extractor was developed to remove large quantities of the finest dust and gases that are produced during the laser processing of metals, plastics and other non-metallic materials. The large number of options makes the LAS 800 Ex an unrivalled solution, as users may flexibly configure the system due to changing processes and materials.

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