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28.10.2022  |  361x
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SGH VibraPads: effective flow promotion through aeration and vibration

Retrofittable discharge aids that combine aeration and vibration prove to be particularly effective, because of optimising the flow properties of the product and seperating it from the container wall.
Retrofittable discharge aids that combine aeration and vibration prove to be particularly effective. A combination of aeration and vibration optimises the flow properties and the discharge.
The dosed air that enters separates the product from the container wall. At the same time, the vibrating sleeve causes the product to oscillate. In this way, bridging is prevented and the bulk material flow is supported. A second, internal seal provides lasting protection for the product and the air network. This is what SGH VibraPads do. In general, they are suitable for all products that tend to bridge, are FDA-approved and can also be used in EX-protected systems.

Easy retrofitting from the outside

With the protected SGH VibraPad external mounting, existing silos can also be equipped or retrofitted from the outside in a very short time. Installation in the silo or container wall is quick and easy. Time-consuming and cost-intensive welding and assembly work is therefore no longer necessary.

Wide range of material choice

Different elastomers are available for working with special products. Besides silicone, these include Neoprene, Rhodorsil, EPDM and Viton. Bolts made of various types of stainless steel up to Teflon are also available from stock. In addition, insulated silos or reinforced container walls can be retrofitted with the new modular ”VibraPad Extension” system. Discharge from flexible containers can also be optimally supported by the ”Vibra-Pads Flex”.

Cost effectient

The system is supported by standard pneumatic solutions. The VibraPads are optionally supplied with the necessary connections and fittings as well as the pneumatic control system. This means that the user can dispense with cost-intensive stock-keeping of many components. Both systems are matched to each other and operate purely pneumatically. Everything from one source, in one package, in one place.

Simple and fast

The difference to discharge vibratory hoppers lies in the simple and fast installation without welding work, simple retrofitting in existing silos due to the protected external installation option, low noise development and no necessary explosion protection measures.

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