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10.08.2022  |  734x
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ASD 300 Ex for the removal of explosive dusts

Cost-optimised extraction and filtration of combustible dusts

ULT’s extraction and filtration system, the ASD 300 Ex was developed for the efficient removal of explosive dusts.
ULT’s extraction and filtration system, the ASD 300 Ex was developed for the removal of explosive dusts. It is a stationary unit for combustible dusts compliant with dust explosion category St.1.

The dust extractor, based on the cartridge filtration principle, provides fully automatic filter cleaning via a compressed air multi-jet nozzle, whereby filtered materials are collected in a dust case (15 litres drum) for nearly contamination free disposal.

An ideally configured filter concept helps users to save costs in the medium term, as maintenance efforts for the ASD 300 Ex are extremely low. Polyester fleece filter cartridges of category C/BIA in combination with an additional H13 filter are utilised for sustainable surface filtration.

The extraction unit with stepless flow rate control of up to 450 m³/h and serial loaded filter indicator provides a max. vacuum of 22,000 Pa. Users may chose an outlet air mode via ventilation grating or respective air stubs. Additionally, it is possible to mount one or two extraction arms (Ø 50) for precise pollutant capture.

The utilisation of the ASD 300 Ex system is recommended in any working and production environment, in which combustible dusts must be removed to protect employees, production systems and products.

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