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06.05.2022  |  707x
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DustView II: precise dust measurement of powders and bulk solids

DustView II is an easy-to-use, optical laboratory measuring instrument for characterising the dust release of bulk materials. Quick, clear and reproducible.

The fine dust measuring instrument for more quality

The DustView II from Palas® is an easy-to-use, optical laboratory measuring instrument for characterising the release of dust from bulk materials. Integrated is a touch panel PC with a large display and evaluation software so that you do not need an additional device.
The DustView II determines the individual dusting behaviour quickly, clearly and reproducibly.

The DustView II is ideally suited for

  • Quality control
  • product development of bulk materials, granulates, etc., as well as for
  • occupational safety and hygiene.

Three good reasons for chosing the Dust View II:

  1. The DustView II convinces with its simple and practical handling and integrated evaluation via a touch panel PC with a large display. You do not need another external PC.
  2. With the DustView II you get a fully reproducible, detailed analysis of dust behaviour in accordance with CIPAC MT 171.1.
  3. A fully automatic measuring sequence for series tests is also possible with the DustView II.

Measurement made easy

You can see the measurement results directly on the instrument, both as numerical values and graphically as a time curve of the dust values. The automatic storage of results allows you to analyse older measurements without an additional PC.
Reports as PDF or text files can also be created easily or printed directly if required. In addition to analysing individual measurements, DustView II also allows you to compare up to ten different measurements with each other.

Technical data
Interfaces: USB, Ethernet (LAN), RS232/485, Wi-Fi
Measuring principle: extinction (30 g sample weight, 750 mm drop height)
Measurement data acquisition: 24 bit AD/converter
User interface: touch screen, 800 * 480 pixels, 7” (17.78 cm)
Weight: 16 kg
Operating system: Windows embedded
Data memory: 4 GB
Installation conditions: +5°C -- +40°C
Electrical connection: 115 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: Approx. 500 * 250 * 950 mm

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