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10.09.2021  |  999x
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Dual Cylinder Roller Gate to Handle Sorbitol

The flow of Sorbitol, a sweetener used in foods, oral care products and pharmaceuticals, is sometimes hard to stop. A Vortex Roller Gate is fit for this task.
A client who manufactures chocolate, candy and chewing gum in the United Kingdom had a special application for a roller gate. In this application, the dual cylinder Vortex Roller Gate would be used to stop the material flow of sorbitol in the client’s process. Sorbitol is a sweetener used in foods, oral care products and pharmaceuticals.

This Vortex Roller Gate was designed with double-acting air cylinder actuators and was constructed with a 150mm (6”) special service inlet to match the customer’s pattern.

The valve body is 6061-T6 aluminum with a 304 stainless steel blade and seal retainers. Material contact is 304 stainless steel and polymer.

The valve blade is electropolished to address the stickiness of the product being handled.

The air cylinders are equipped with magno-pistons for use with magnetic reed position indication switches.

Milled access slots in the side frame allows removal and replacement of bonnet seals while the gate remains in service.

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