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12.05.2021  |  1256x
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Halar Coated Vortex Seal Tite Diverter to Handle Acid Flake

For the corrosive nature of the material handled all internal areas of the valve are Halar coated. Material contact is 316L stainless steel, polymer, and rubber.
In this application, the customer specified Halar coating on a 254 mm (10”) Vortex Seal Tite Diverter over other liner options due to past success with this product on chutes and other equipment they have in service.

All internal areas were Halar coated to address the corrosive nature of the material being handled. The valve body, with a straight through flow design and one offset leg, is made from 316L stainless steel. Material contact is 316L stainless steel, polymer, and rubber. The valve has a removable access cover for quick inline service or cleaning without removing the valve from the line.

The customer also requested an epoxy coated double acting air cylinder to protect from chemical corrosion. The epoxy coat is a more economical option and requires a shorter lead time than a stainless steel air cylinder. The piston rod, tie rod and tie rod nuts are stainless steel.

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Vortex supplied two 3-Way Seal Tite Diverters with an opening of 500 mm x 750 mm and a weight 544 kg, powered by explosion-proof electric actuators. Two identical Vortex 3-Way Seal Tite Diverters were bespoked to divert soybeans from a screw conveyor to a load out station in a grain elevator in The Netherlands. The large diverter opening is 500 mm x 750 mm and weighs 544 kg. The two blades inside this Seal Tite Diverter are each powered by explosion-proof, quarter-turn electric actuators (380V/3PH/50HZ). While the blades and valve body are constructed from carbon steel, the material contact areas contain replaceable abrasion resistant, steel liners (400 BHN). A side panel allows access to the diverter interior for inspection or maintenance without having to remove the diverter from place. The inlet flange matches the customer’s custom bolt-hole pattern.
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