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25.05.2005  |  18172x
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Innovative fluidised bed spray granulating and bulk materials-handling

granulating with optimised energy efficiency and pneumatic conveying with minimised attrition

Price leadership is difficult to achieve in the western economies; therefore AMMAG focus on the fortification of its innovative strength on within its own 70 years of experiences and core-competencies in the fields of bulk materials handling and fluidised bed spraygranulation.

Following this visionary approach, AMMAG is further extending its Technical Centre, already the most modern of its kind in Austria, and has developed a laboratory granulator for the testing of new processes in the fields of spray granulating, coating, agglomeration and for the development of new products in close cooperation with clients.
The second expansion of the pilot plant regards the business field: pneumatic conveying systems: a 40 m test line for pneumatic dense phase conveying and one for leanphase conveying in vacuum and pressure mode have been installed.

AMMAG provides its research-infrastructure and its plant engineering competence both to foodstuffs and chemical industry leaders and to scientific teams from universities and research institutions.
So great product ideas are turned into business realities and economical plant concepts are developed. The impressive success list includes pro/prebiotic foodstuffs, micro-encapsulated aromas, the granulation of malt extract, special detergent additives, or no-dust agricultural chemicals with outstanding water solubility properties, pneumatic conveying plants without attrition, reliable sugar handling plants etc.

This innovative strength is the compelling force that has drawn companies world-wide to Austria and AMMAG. This winning combination of creativity, vision plus hard research has also resulted in such major projects as the two 3-phase-counter current-granulator A-WT/combi, that have now gone into successful operation in France where they are helping a agricultural chemicals group to bring its products on the market in improved quality and at a lower price.

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