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21.07.2015  |  3519x
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Hydronix Releases Updated Sensors

Hydronix is delighted to announce that it has updated its range of sensors with a complete internal redesign which takes advantage of increased microprocessor speeds and memory. Our new models retain the existing and proven exterior design of our current sensors but we have included some new features for enhanced functionality. New fatures include:
• A second analogue output: this is now available on all sensor models including the Hydro-Probe. This enables the user to simultaneously output moisture and temperature or any other combination of two configurable outputs.
• Improved calibration functions: individual calibration points may now be loaded directly into the sensor making it much easier for engineers to instantly diagnose the quality of a sensor’s calibration.
• On-Board Event Log: to improve diagnostics and assist with customer support.
• Simultaneous measurement modes: sensors with additional measurement modes (all models apart from the Hydro-Probe) are now capable of running all three modes simultaneously. This enables a far simpler method of selecting the most precise mode for a given recipe or material. As a rule, the greater the difference in a sensor’s reading between a dry and a wet measurement then the greater the precision of the calibrated moisture reading. As a guideline some examples are given below:

• Organic Materials: Mode V
• Lower density organic material: Mode E
• Concrete: Mode V
• Self-Compacting Concrete: Mode F (previously known as Standard Mode)
• Aggregates: Mode F

Details of all of our sensors are available on the Hydronix website or contact us for further details.

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