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08.09.2011  |  8474x
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Mixing and synchronous spray-coating and drying in the Pegasus Mixer

Dinnissen Process Technology develops new functionality

Dinnissen is to launch a new application of its Pegasus® Mixer during the exhibitions Solids Rotterdam and Powtech Nurnberg: “Mixing and synchronously spray-coating and drying ingredients”. The advantage of this new functionality is that fluids can be added to bulk solids quickly, efficiently and homogeneously without any risk of caking and damage to fragile products such as granulates, soluble powders and flakes.

The twin-shaft Pegasus® Mixer is one of Dinnissen Process Technology’s top selling products. This mixer’s popularity can be attributed to the twin-shaft mixing mechanism that throws up powders, granules and granulates during mixing. This unique mixing technique is the secret of the Mixer’s success. The action of throwing up the ingredients during mixing creates a unique fluidised zone which forms ideal conditions for supremely gentle product handling, rapid blending and extreme energy efficiency. In addition, the Pegasus® Mixer has proven its value as an excellent solution for sticky and hard-to-mix products. The new functionality offered by the Pegasus® Mixer also exploits this unique fluidised zone. At the exact time when the powders, granules or granulates are thrown up in suspension, up to a maximum of 18 fluids can be sprayed on and mixed.

Mixing followed by synchronous spray-coating and drying in the Pegasus® Mixer is a technique that until now has been mainly used for adding essential ingredients to bulk solids, such as aromas, oils, vitamins and solvents. The special metering unit in the Pegasus® Mixer sprays exactly the right amount of fluid into the mixer. The unique properties of the fluidised zone cause the finely atomised fluid droplets to mix homogenously with the other ingredients in the machine. The result is that each product particle is completely encapsulated by the fluid. The product particles are then dried in a jet of hot air. This process of mixing and synchronous spray-coating and drying in the Pegasus® Mixer is mainly used for applications where rapid, efficient and homogeneous production is required. Intermediate drying steps allow multiple coats or large quantities of fluids to be sprayed onto the bulk solids. Powders, granules and granulates cannot form lumps or get damaged in the fluidised zone. Furthermore, simultaneously performing three process steps in a single compact unit saves energy and delivers other cost savings, as the process components can be cleaned rapidly and thoroughly with a minimum of effort.

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