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Press release
16.12.2019  |  3469x
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A Vortex HDPV2 Gate seals pressure up to 75 psig.

HDPV2 Gate handling calcium carbide

Ball valve replaced by heavy duty gate

An acetylene gas manufacturer contacted Vortex for advice to handle calcium carbide in their facility. Calcium carbide and acetylene gas react with one another to create oxyacetylene gas. This gas is used to fuel a very high temperature flame, which allows welding fabricators to weld and cut metal.

The manufacturer was discharging batches of dry calcium carbide from one pressurized holding vessel into another. The batch was then fed into a reactor, where it was mixed with water to produce acetylene gas.

Previously, the client used a ball valve in this process. Unfortunately, calcium carbide would build up inside the ball valve making the valve difficult to actuate. Two operators and a breaker bar were required to manually open and close the ball valve. This process was time-consuming and a safety hazard.

The replacement valve would require:
•The ability to close on dry solid materials.
•Sealing gas in a pressurized system (12 psi | 0.8 bar)

In most valve designs, closing on dry solid materials would cause seal wear – to the point that the acetylene gas could no longer be contained.

The Vortex HDPV2 Gate is specifically designed for use in pressurized conveying systems. Its sealed body and O-ring sealing design prevents leakage of air and materials across the gate and to atmosphere. The manufacturer’s ball valve was replaced with the Vortex HDPV2 Gate and the customer has been quite satisfied with the results.

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HDPV2 Handling Cement Powder
HDPV2 Handling Cement Powder
In this client’s application, the Vortex HDPV2 is installed alongside a second pre-existing slide gate. The two gates operate in tandem to be used as a diverter. The HDPV2 is 355 mm per the client’s request. The HDPV2 is capable of handling material temperatures up to 121°C continuous service, with modifications available to accommodate material temperatures up to 232°C. Thus, material temperatures were not a concern. Though cement powder can be abrasive, the HDPV2 has proven capable of handling this material. Therefore, material characteristics were not a concern. In this application, a greater concern was convey line pressure. Although the 356 mm HDPV2 valve is capable of sealing against convey line pressures up to 3.10 barg, there was initial concern that if both gates were closed at once, undue stress may be put on the HDPV2 and could test the gate’s sealing capabilities. The client assured at least one gate would be open at all times; therefore,
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HDPV2 Gate Handling Dry, Colored Pigment
Special slide gates were required for this application. Because of the solvent nature of vapors created in the mix tank below, it was unacceptable for the sourced valve to feature silicone rubber seals. In addition, all switches and solenoids had to be rated for hazardous duty (NEMA 7/9). The Vortex HDPV2 Gate met each of these requirements. The gate’s unique “lifting” action of the blade seating into a top-mounted o-ring offers many advantages over traditional knife gate valves that pack and jam material into an end seal. A Class II / Div. 1 pre-wired terminal box was also provided to meet the client’s hazardous duty standards. Two years after installation, one of the gates was handling red pigment when it experienced a slight blade sticking problem. To solve the issue, Vortex supplied quick exhaust valves that were installed on the gate’s air cylinder actuator to increase the speed of the gate’s opening stroke.
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