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Press release
11.09.2017  |  9583x
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The process must be right

Particle Analysis: Sample preparation, measuring, weighing, analyzing

Whether using traditional or photo-optical particle analysis – the process for measuring bulk materials should be as simple and yet accurate as possible.
At this year’s Powtech in Nuremberg, HAVER & BOECKER presents everything about process optimization in particle analysis. Sample preparation, measuring, weighing, analyzing are simply an integral part of particle analysis. This applies, both, to the classic screen analysis with sieve set and test sieve shaker as well as computer-assisted particle analysis of size and shape of dry, non-agglomerating bulk materials particles.
The HAVER particle analysis offers its customers a process chain all of a piece. Generating reproducible sieving results is important with classic sieve analysis. Thanks to the automatic sieve identification and data acquisition from the balance, the analyses are evaluated quickly and reliably with the HAVER CSA software.
With photo-optical particle measuring devices, the HAVER CPA 2-1 can be employed online for continuous quality control in the running process. It is continuously in stand-by mode ready for measuring and performs regular sampling for analysis.
Using an auto-sampler promotes efficiency through automation. The consistent combination of dynamic optical particle measurement and automatic sample supply allows expanding the measuring capacity of a one-shift test lab by up to 24 automatic measurements.
Our team will be glad to demonstrate the options and diversity HAVER & BOECKER offers in the area of particle analysis. We look forward to your visit.

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