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Press release
14.06.2021  |  2429x
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Thielmann ucon quick & efficient reorganization

THIELMANN is delighted to announce that creditors have approved the restructuring process (Schutzschirmverfahren) and THIELMANN UCON will return to regular operations.
Schutzschirmverfahren (SSV), which literally translates to ‘restructuring under protection of the insolvency laws’, has allowed management to restructure the business quickly and efficiently.

Productivity and flexibility in the production processes have been sustainably increased by the existing reorganization concept. In addition, a higher degree of automation, adaptation of capacities to the reduced market demands and further qualification of employees will contribute to the stabilization of THIELMANN UCON GmbH. "This way, we want to build on our strengths in the past - lead times in line with the market, coupled with the highest quality standards for the benefit of our customers. Following the recent drop in market demand due to the Corona crisis, the reluctance to invest is clearly noticeable in various customer segments. THIELMANN UCON GmbH has to become more flexible in order to be able to adapt to the changed demand situation", as Ferlan explains the core of the concept.

Since approval from creditors this process is already yielding results. THIELMANN UCON’s infrastructure has been substantially streamlined and these operational improvements are reflected in the organization’s finances. The balance sheet has been strengthened by €10M– helping us to meet our long-term strategic goals faster.

This means that THIELMANN UCON is back to business as usual. The plant will continue to deliver the highest standard of service to existing customers and begin to work on some exciting new projects. As ever, THIELMANN UCON remains a hub of innovation and manufacturing excellence in Germany.

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