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Press release
15.11.2005  |  13393x
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HAVER Test Sieve Shaker EML 400 digital plus

for sieve diameters of 200 mm to 450 mm

HAVER EML 450 digital plus is the first test sieve shaker in the world with a three dimensional sieving action and self-adjusting amplitude to be fitted with test sieve diameters up to 450 mm. Only three years after the introduction of the HAVER EML 300 to the market this new development completes the Haver & Boecker premium product range “digital plus”.

The EML 450 digital plus can be used with all current sieve diameters of 200 to 450 mm. This offers the opportunity to use one machine for varying product quantities and different sieve diameters.
As with all test sieve shakers from the Haver & Boecker series “digital plus”, the EML 450 is controlled by micro processor. The self-adjusting amplitude compensates via permanent acceleration control of the total sieve column the vibrations of the sieve shaker and its stand. This guarantees equal amplitudes even if different material quantities are analysed at different stands – a guarantee for analyses complying with ISO 9000 standard.

The EML 450 digital plus with electromagnetic drive has no rotating parts, is extremely durable, maintenance free, very adaptable and has a low noise level. Due to the use of a special spring system and cast iron parts, the construction is heavy and sturdy.

This new development enables those users, who often have to analyse materials with apparent weights of more than 10 kg, to noticeably reduce the external influence factors during the sieve analysis and thus to obtain reproducible sievi

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