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Press release
18.10.2005  |  10970x
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Dispersion and Particle Analysers with ultra-modern analytical centrifuges

L.U.M. in strategic partnership with EPPENDORF

L.U.M. GmbH, Berlin, world-wide leading producer of analytical devices for direct and rapid stability analysis and particle characterization of dispersions announces the begin of a long-term cooperation with EPPENDORF AG, Hamburg.
EPPENDORF is the world-wide leading producer of systems for biotechnology and produces High End-laboratory centrifuges.
The exclusive agreement enables L.U.M. to use the latest centrifuge technology for the innovative product lines LUMiSizer and LUMiFuge and provides the customers with solutions for future challenges. „This cooperation permits us the consistent expansion of our product portfolio of dispersion and stability analysers according to the increasing demands from our international customers“, states Prof. Lerche, Managing Director of L.U.M. GmbH.
„In addition to the classic devices, completely based on our own development, we meet an increasing demand for the advanced LUMiFuges and the LUMiSizers since their market release in the end of 2004. For the first time our customers are able to analyse at low temperature and with very high accelerations, covering also new applications in the field of nano dispersions.
Due to the cooperation with EPPENDORF we are now able to provide solutions for particle characterization with the LUMiSizer, too.“T
his analytical centrifuge features the complete dispersion laboratory in one device, with the determination of stability, particle size and consolidation of concentrated dispersions, on the basis

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