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17.08.2023  |  1214x
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Achieve sustainability goals? Replace Octabins with Indus Neva

Indus strives to make the industry more sustainable by using products that are made from recycled material, last a long time and save space.
Sustainability objectives are indispensable in modern business operations and industries. Indus strives to make the industry more sustainable by using products that are made from recycled material, last a long time and save space. This article highlights the advantages of a big bag handling system from Indus, which enables the safe transport, stacking and discharging of big bags, compared to the use of octabins.

Sustainable Materials

The big bag handling system is designed with recycled materials, such as polypropylene and steel. These materials are robust, weather resistant and have a long lifecycle. This allows the system to be used repeatedly without wearing out quickly. Unlike octabins, which are often made of cardboard and prone to damage and decay, the big bag handling system offers a more sustainable solution with reduced need for replacement and less waste.

More efficient use of space

The big bag handling system makes more efficient use of space compared to octabins. By enabling the stacking of big bags up to 4 units high, the system can optimize the available storage space and prevent the need for expansion. This results in a reduction of the required floor space and creates more space for other business activities.

Recycling and reducing waste

An important aspect of sustainability is reducing waste. With the use of the Indus Neva, big bags can be used more frequently. The big bag handling system offers the possibility to use big bags multiple times, which reduces the need for disposable materials such as octabins. By reducing waste and promoting reusability, the system contributes to a circular economy and lowers the environmental impact of the industry.

Energy and cost efficiency

The use of a big bag handling system can also lead to energy and cost efficiency. The system makes it possible to transport, stack and empty big bags safely and efficiently, reducing operational costs. In addition, the reduced use of octabins, which are often used once and need to be replaced, can lead to long-term cost savings and a lower environmental footprint.


The big bag handling system not only offers advantages in terms of safety, efficiency and cost savings, but also in terms of sustainability. Compared to the use of octabins, the big bag handling system offers a greener and more environmentally friendly solution for handling big bags within your company. For companies that value sustainability, the implementation of this system can be an important step towards a more responsible and efficient operation.

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