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Latest update: 03.12.2021
Stanelle Silos + Automation GmbH
TEL: +49 7135 9530 0
FAX: +49 7135 9530 17
Langwiesenstr. 6
D-74363   Güglingen
Company brochure
Company brochure
Looking for cutting edge and affordable silo technology?
Want to outperform your competition?

STANELLE Silos + Automation GmbH is your reliable partner with innovative silo products, services and solutions

STANELLE is the German brand for tailored problem services and solutions in silo technology and silo automation. With more than 40 years of experience we are the reliable and trusted partner you are looking for. As a powerhouse for innovations, STANELLE always delivers cutting edge technology for its clients. Optimize your productivity, cut costs and protect the environment with STANELLE top-quality products made in Germany.

Through practice-oriented services and solutions, STANELLE ensures a smooth and optimized material flow within your business. Competent experts support our clients in every phase of a project and guarantee a first class delivery. At STANELLE we have a simple taste: We are always satisfied with the best to exceed your expectations.

Stanelle’s core competencies:

  • Production and sales of innovative silo componentes (e.g. Flow-Bow)
  • Optimization of bulk material flow for your entire silo system to cut costs
  • Cutting edge production technology to ensure highest levels of quality
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Stanelle Tanker loading technology
Stanelle Tanker loading technology
Stanelle Silos + Automation GmbH of Southern Germany offers four different types of loading assemblies as part of its component range. Type Rondo 250 for loading abrasive material into bulk road tankers or onto open lorries; Type Quadro 220 with retractable and conical seal for loading bulk road tankers with hygroscopic and other pulverulent media; Type Rondo 500 to 800 for coarse grain bulk solids for ship, rail and open lorry loading of bulk road tankers; and Type Tele-Rondo for the loading of bulk road tankers with heterogeneous bulk solids. On loading bulk tankers, the discharge aperture of the loading assembly positions itself on the dome opening of the tanker to be filled, in a way that no dust can escape, the emission levels are optimized in conjunction with a filter unit. Rondo 250’s retractable buckets feeds the loading material and protects the exterior collapsible bellows from wear and tear. Quadro loading spout exclusively applicable to bulk tanker loading,
22.05.2009  |  7664x  |  Product news  | 
Vibrating cage eases silo discharge
Vibrating cage eases silo discharge
Silo discharge blocking problems with powdery, lumpy or granulated bulk goods overcomes a vibrating cage. Suitable for all silo types it gets installed onto the silo cone end. This only activates that part of the stored bulk goods to be discharged immediately. Short operating cycles with vibration-free intervals save energy. There will be no fluidizing air in the bulk material which can cause problems in subsequent operation such as dosing or weighing sacking. Maintenance free seals prevent leakage of the silo. Even difficult products such as sewage sludge are handled with a special, up to 3 bar pressure surge proof model. Another model is pressure resistant up to 7 bar.
06.04.2009  |  8172x  |  Product news  | 
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