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Latest update: 13.01.2023
Achenbach GmbH Metalltechnik
TEL: +49 2737 9863 0
FAX: +49 2737 9863 10
PO Box 3150, Lindestr 10
D-57234   Wilnsdorf
Mr. Uwe Achenbach
Mr. Christian ter Jung
Company brochure
Company brochure
Achenbach has a decades-long experience in working with corrugated sheet metal and with the application
of the products made of this material.
Our metal cover hoods (galvanized or coated steel, stainless steel, aluminium) are produced in Wilnsdorf,
Germany. Available are standard covers for nearly each belt type, special solutions and JUMBO-covers
for also covering one or both walkways.
Various opening systems for easy inspection or maintenance, for example LOOP- and superTec covers for
both side opening, were also offered as different fastening systems.
The covers are produced in four profiles, what means the optimum value for money to the customer.
Sale of Organit PVC covers for special applications (food, sugar, chemical, potash and salt industries)
round up the interesting Achenbach range.
Please contact us to submit our catalogue `covers variety`.
Vistit us at fair steinexpo2023 in Germany from Augaust 23rd till 26th 2023 booth PC23.
Meet us at
Products, services
cover hoods, opening systems, fasteing systems, cover technology, special covers, covers variety,
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Products, services
cover hoods - standard cover, special cover, scheme arch cover, Jumbo cover, elliptical head cover
opening systems - LOOP cover, superTec cover, top cover, AES cover, inspection cover, AFlex system
fasteing systems - tightening straps, clamps, hook screws, type K super
cover technology - Achenbach covers, protective covers
special covers - Arena covers, scheme arch covers, Jumbo covers
covers variety - Achenbach covers, protective covers


Organit Rigid PVC Hooded Covers from Achenbach  Chemically resistant + maintenance free. Also available as an inspection cover.
Organit Rigid PVC Hooded Covers from Achenbach
Chemically resistant + maintenance free. Also available as an inspection cover. For decades, Achenbach is a renowned manufacturer of conveyor covers made of metal. We completed our diverse portfolio expanding on the market of plastic made Organit-covers. Different sectors of industry require alternatives to the metal systems due to legally prescribed conditions. In particular, plant for the food, sugar, chemical, potash and salt industries are dependent upon hooded covers made of Organit plastics. The corrosion resistant hoods reliably protect conveyor belt, roller bearings and the material conveyed against the weather. They can be easily removed at any location so that the conveyor belt can be inspected and then replaced. Also available as an inspection cover.
28.09.2023  |  843x  |  Product news  | 
simpleTec: The simple folding hood
simpleTec: The simple folding hood
The simpleTec hood from Achenbach has 4 galvanized hinge pins and 4 small, galvanized angles. Thus, the hood can be easily mounted in any position on the existing belt frame and usually requires no separate substructure. Achenbach tip: Only equip every second cover hood of the tunnel with the opening option simpleTec. Advantages: * inexpensive, both-sided opening possibility * no loose parts * Installation possible on almost all substructures * to be used with tools only (for safety reasons) * optional: secure retaining of the opened hood
02.11.2021  |  2501x  |  Product news  | 
Achenbach covers variety snapTec - the new cover with fixing inside
Achenbach covers variety
snapTec - the new cover with fixing inside snapTec both sides opening by snap system inside, snapTec both sides opening by snap system inside
13.03.2019  |  6336x  |  Photo reportage  | 
New Achenbach covers at bauma 2019
Achenbach Metalltechnik with the world largest variety of cover hoods presents two innovations at bauma 2019: -snapTec - both sides openable by snap system inside -simpleTec - both sides openable and additionally -roughTec - flap-opening for hardest use booth: B2.102
13.03.2019  |  6739x  |  Press release
the perfect folding cover
17.08.2011  |  11704x  |  Product news
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