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02.12.2020  |  10376x
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Efficient innovations in the Powder/PVC dosing area, even in COVID tim

WXOmega revised batch mixer for powder components with extended throughput and amount of components

After the WXOmega powder mixer was released in spring 2019, the system immediately became a "best seller".

Indeed, requests for higher batch weights and throughputs have increased rapidly since last year. Same as the requests for more than 6 different ingredients per recipe.

Process Control recognized and reacted - now batch volumes of up to 95 dm³ and throughputs of up to 1000 kg / h are available.
The number of max. possible ingredients increased from 6 to 8.

The new WXOmega batch blender is able to dose and homogenize the most divers powders, grids, flakes or granulates – all with the well-known Process Control accuracy.

The dust-tight blender has a thoughtful, compact construction. All ingrediences-touching parts are made of 1.4301 stainless steel.

The separately to connect powder feeders are equipped with special dosing augers and “bridge-breaking” systems.
The weight hopper was revised with a new, integrated empty- and discharge support.
The special load cell technology brings highest accuracy to each single ingredients.

The optionally available modular mixing chamber uses a 3D stirrer for perfect homogeneity.

The WXOmega batch mixer is available for various applications in the PVC sector, for direct extrusion, for the production of premixes, for mixing or "coat" granules with powder - or for "starve fed" an extruder via a gravimetric feeder below the batch Mixer.

The throughput depends of course on the bulk density, the flowability and the amount of the various ingredients.

Based on the experience of “seeing is believing”, Process Control offers a local technical center for trails with its own raw materials on a WXOmega batch mixer.

Covid 19 does not cause any delay here.

Remote trails via video conference are a common practice, as is full “remote startups”.

All dosing systems are "accessible" via the VNC and TeamViewer application.
The mechanical installation on site is easy for the customer to carry out.

The system is Industry 4.0-capable by using standard protocols such as OPC-UA, Modbus-TCP or Profibus.

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