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10.01.2012  |  14623x
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Oktomat® ECO-L

New big bag/octobox discharging station

Exactly 15 years ago HELIOS represented at the FAKUMA 1996 the OKTOMAT® system, which is meantime being in duty worldwide in the thousands, to an enthused public from begin on.

This generous invention in its own unique way presented already 1996 and is still today presenting a strikingly simple technical solution when discharing octoboxes and big bags automatically and without residual material. All attack against the patents basing on this invention could be averted all together up to now. Against an unconvincible patent violater from Switzerland and the sales organisations connected to him will be brought an action for damages basing on patent infrigement still this year.

The new type series OKTOMAT®-ECO-L are provided for applications with a limited room height basing on the usable room height or the usable height under a set-up floor of centralized drying systems. These limitations restricted the application of the 4 different Oktomat® type series up to now. The minimum mounting height of 2000 mm only enables to place the system under every set-up floor or low-ceiligend storeroom. To match with the different heights of bulk bag, the -ECO-L system is ninefold up to max. 2960 mm telescopic.

Different movable base frames are optionally available for use together with Oktomat®-ECO-L or with a complete refilling station - consisting of ECO-L, vacuum unit and hopper loader. To enable to discharge severel bulk bags successively, it is possible to use a valve series connection (option 2) to automatic switchover from an empty bulk bag to the next full one in shifts without operating personnel.
Together with the new development Oktomat®-ECO-L, HELIOS now has 5 type series at his disposal, thus covering perfectly well whole the spectrum as to discharing of bulk bags from the top.

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