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15.05.2024  |  690x
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pH Meter PCE-PH 228 with GLP Data Management and Data Logger

Precise pH and redox potential determination with the new PCE-PH 228

The pH value plays a very important role in many bulk solids. With the new combined pH and redox potential measuring instrument PCE-PH 228, PCE Instruments is launching a precise test instrument on the market.
PCE Instruments has various pH meters with different pH electrodes in its product range to cover a wide selection of applications. With the new combined pH and redox potential measuring instrument PCE-PH 228, PCE Instruments is launching a precise test instrument on the market that can be used universally and for mobile applications.

The PCE-PH 228 can not only measure the pH value and temperature of various liquids but also the redox potential in millivolts (mV). The redox measurement is realised using an optional electrode.

This measuring device is versatile and covers many areas of application. Thanks to its high accuracy, the PCE-PH 228 is particularly suitable for laboratory work. One advantage of the meter is that it can be calibrated independently by means of a two-, three-, four- or five-point calibration, depending on the area of application.

A special feature of the calibration of the measuring device is that it can be calibrated using a self-selected buffer solution. Another advantage of the PCE-PH 228 is that the device has automatic temperature compensation. Thanks to the temperature sensor included in the scope of delivery, the temperature of the medium to be measured is also determined and taken into account directly in the measurement result and does not have to be set manually.
The PCE-PH 228 can also be used to measure the redox potential in the laboratory, in water treatment or in the industrial sector, e.g. in electroplating. Redox measuring devices fulfil the requirements placed by users on a device for measuring the oxidation or reduction potential of a solution.

The pH meter was developed in accordance with GLP in order to fulfil a wide range of requirements. GLP compliance is ensured by automatic data recording and traceable documentation. The PCE-PH 228 has a resolution that can be set from one to three decimal places. Furthermore, the measured values can be read out and analysed using PCE software.

The high accuracy of ±0.002 pH + 2 digits, graphically guided calibration, GLP compliance, user and sample management and data storage make the PCE-PH 228 an ideal test instrument for scientists, researchers and laboratory technicians who rely on precise pH measurements. It not only improves the accuracy and efficiency of experiments but also simplifies everyday work in industry, quality assurance and the laboratory.

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